"New Year, New You" exercise motivation has fizzled, but summer is soon approaching and some of us need a  "resolution recharge" to get our bodies ready for the beach! 

#1:  GET A BATTLE BUDDY:  Research shows that we can be up to 80% more successful with our health goals when we solicit an accountability partner (if not 2 or 3!). We suggest you make a pact with a couple of friends. Share your short-term health goals with your accountability partner (for example, I want to walk 2 miles 3 days a week) and ask them to check in with you weekly (or daily if you need it) to check in on your goal progress. Group accountability is great too! Social media has tons of online support groups specific to every kind of health and fitness goals. I would suggest to try and find a smaller group or put together one of your own private Facebook accountability group with people you know. 


#2: CHANGE THINGS UP: Mabey you stopped going to the gym because you were just frankly bored with it. I mean, who doesn't feel like a hamster in a wheel going nowhere when running on a treadmill. Research some more creative ways to workout that are available in your area. Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing, or taking a pole dancing fitness class, or shook your booty in a Zumba class? Mabey you are more of an outdoorsy type. You can sign up for a kayaking class, or find some local trails to hike.  If you are looking forward to a workout because it is new and exciting to you, the more likely you are to do it! 


#3:  STOP LOOKING AT THIS AS A "DIET":  The word "diet" implies "punishment", "restriction" and "temporary". This is why all diets eventually fail. Start looking at it as a "lifestyle change".  If you start thinking yourself as a "healthy person" rather than "a person who is trying to be healthy" it can make a big difference with your motivation. When you look at that box of donuts in the office and think "I can't have that. I am on a diet". How does that make you feel? Not very motivating huh? The mindset shift to looking at the donuts and thinking "I am a healthy person and that is not supportive of my health goals". Now that sounds like a person who empowered by their journey and focused on their goals! 

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If it's not a "HELL YES!", then it's a "HELL NO!"

You know that feeling you get when you hear someone say something and it hits you RIGHT IN THE GUT. A phrase or a saying or a personal philosophy that just reaches out an grabs you and you say to yourself "YES! I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!". Well, when I saw the amazing Toni Hernandez, Cultural Engineer at Oly+Water ( speak about a month ago, I had one of those moments. She said one of her own personal philosophies was this: If it's not a hell yes, then it's a hell no. Let me explain. She learned the hard way that you have to commit to your vision, your goals, your THING 100%. You cannot be wishy washy. You cannot semi-commit then back out. You cannot spread yourself so thin to a million tasks and never be able to do any of them well because your energy is so diluted. You have to approach every task, every request, every day with the question: Is this a hell yes or a hell no? If you are willing to commit all of your energy and resources to it, it excites you, and it's something that is going to get you to one step closer to accomplishing your vision in life, then its a HELL YES. Proceed. Go forward. Do it. If it's something you are not thrilled about, not sure of, or are just doing out of obligation, then it's a HELL NO. Don't proceed. Stop. Say no and move on. Amongst the many reasons why this philosophy is so smart for anyone's life, I want to translate this for you and your health and fitness goals. It really should be this black and white. Are you ok with getting Type 2 Diabetes and all the horrendous health complications that come with it (renal failure, loss of sight/blindness, loss of limbs, just to name a few)? If no....then it NEEDS to be a HELL NO! Then you need to approach everyday with that attitude. HELL NO, that pasta is not in line with my decision to not have Diabetes. HELL NO, sitting on the couch instead of going for a walk is not in line with my decision to not have Diabetes. You get the picture. You may be thinking, but this is oversimplified...of course no one WANTS to get diabetes. Sure. But you know what? I find that when we overcomplicate things, when we focus on a million reasons why someone has a hard time not doing the things they need to do in order to avoid obesity related diseases, then we are unable to focus on the ONE reason why we CAN...because we dont want diabetes. Kind of a play on "shit or get off the pot." At Fire team Whiskey, our Cadre will confront you with that very question. Is this a HELL YES or a HELL NO? If you are wishy washy, we are not interested. We cant work harder at your own health goals that you are willing to work. We will present the question and you make the decision. Either shit or get off the pot. Either get to work, or get out of the way so someone else who is ready to give it there all can take your place. Our Fire Team is full of people who looked at their health and fitness and said HELL YES! Are you ready to join a our HELL YES Team or are you going to stay on the sidelines on the HELL NO bench? You decide. 


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The 7 "P"s

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. The 7 Ps.   One of the biggest self-sabotage we engage in as human beings is not properly preparing. No matter what the reason, over-confidence, laziness, or a subconscious act of self-sabotage, we find ways to not prepare. Want to work out every day after work? Oops. Forgot to bring my gym clothes 4 out of 5 days. Want to eat healthier? Oops. I didn't have time to go to the grocery store this weekend, guess I have to eat fast food for lunch all week. Are trying to spend more quality time with your family? Oops.  I just got started watching that new 15 part series on Netflix, and I really want to finish that first. Our life is full of examples of ways we go about sabotaging our goals from the get-go. No sooner than we say "I really should..." we start finding ways to make that goal not happen. This is normal, but it's also preventable. Its preventable by using the very straightforward SMART Goal and mini goal systems. First, set your big goal and make it SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). For example:
                                     I want to lose 10 pounds in 60 days from today.
Next, write the mini-goals required to be achieved to reach that big goal. There should be lots!
              Choose an eating plan to help me lose weight.
              Research recipes and foods that are compliant with my eating plan.
              Make a weekly grocery list that will take care of all my meals and snacks for the week                     under my eating plan.
              Buy those foods on the list.
              Prepare my meals and snacks ahead of time.
              Pack my lunch and snacks every day.
              Set aside time each day to prepare for the meals and snacks the next day.
              Track my eating plan compliance every day.
              Track my weight loss weekly.
Now that you have your mini goals, those need to be placed on your calendar to make sure they are planned for and happen on the days they need to happen. You cant just look at the top of a mountain and say "I want to be up there but I am not willing to take the 10,000 steps to get up there." That will quickly not get you to the top of the mountain. Once you start taking those steps, you will eventually get there, but you have to do the hard work to get to that point.
Remember your 7P's and smash those goals!


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Inspired by the Fight!

Who's fight has inspired you? This picture was taken of my brother in law just 19 days after his testicular cancer surgery. It was a whirlwind event. He was diagnosed with cancer on a Friday and in surgery that following Monday morning. 19 days later, he was standing in front of the camera and doing all the workout moves I called out to him. He insisted on doing the shoot because he had committed to it and he is a man of his word. He is a Firefighter Paramedic and is also on the SWAT Paramedic Team here in town. His commitment to his family and his duty are so inspiring to me and why we chose him as one of our FTW Fitness models. He faced cancer like he faces down fires, emergency situations and potential active shooter a BEAST! We talk about health and fitness so much as a Nation but we also need to remember a huge part of the puzzle that is Health: the SPIRIT. You can call it religion, you can call it spirituality, you can call it whatever you want, but when you witness someone fight with everything they have for their lives and their health...that is something you cannot name. I can certainly say I have seen this kind of spirit in many Service Members, Veterans and First Responders that I have known over the years. I have countless stories of being a witness to someone's struggle and victory. That manifestation of the WARRIOR SPIRIT!


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Follow me!

Last week I was fortunate to spend a day with my fellow Florida Army National Guardsmen. I have been invited each year to provide physical and psychological training to Soldiers at the FLARNG Wellness Camp. The Wellness Camp is what ultimately inspired me to create Fire Team Whiskey®. The Soldiers at the Wellness Camp are all Soldiers who have failed to meet the physical fitness and/or body fat standards of the military. These Soldiers' military careers are on the line if they cannot meet those standards soon. I absolutely love what the Wellness Camp does for these Soldiers. It brings them in for 2 weeks and spends all day every day surrounding them with the environment and information they need to be successful with their health and fitness. The problem that sparked the development of Fire Team Whiskey® was that these Soldiers get all these tools, but go back into the situations that developed those poor health habits, to begin with. I wanted to be able to step into that environment and help these Soldiers integrate what they learned at the Wellness Camp into their "off-duty lives." To get them on an eating plan that you can follow no matter what your life situation is. To do workouts anywhere, with no equipment, and in a short amount of time. To continue to inform them about health-related issues like stress management, sleep hygiene, stretching, the detriments of eating processed foods, etc. And most importantly, they would have that military camaraderie. No matter how much great information you have, in a good plan or workout, if you don't have someone to believe in you and push you to achieve those goals, the struggle is going to be that much harder. During our 3-hour circuit workout on Friday, I was blown away by the HEART these Soldiers were showing. They were pushing themselves and each other. They were digging deep and doing one more rep, one more sprint, one more effort, even though they had almost nothing left to give. I was almost moved to tears seeing how hard they were pushing themselves and each other. It frustrated me that in this environment, with their military brothers and sisters around them, they COULD DO THIS! But before at home, they couldn't. As I sprinted with them, jumped with them, and pushed with them, I was inspired to show them the way. To go forward and say "Follow me, we are going to do this together!" I was blessed to have Military Leaders in my life to show me the way. They not only encouraged me to meet and exceed the standard, but they did so themselves. I am disheartened that some of these Soldiers may not have someone in their Unit who is doing this for them. Those two intangible things: Esprit De Corps and Leadership are why Fire Team Whiskey® is different from all the other fitness and health programs out there. When you have a former Navy Corpsman calling you every week and seeing how things are going. Or a former Marine giving you tips on how to improve your run. Or a former Army Captain teaching you how to make better choices at the supermarket. Is what will resonate better than some celebrity status trainer yelling at you and telling you to get off your butt and work. We lead from the front because we have been there. We have felt those pressures of life draining away our health. We have worn that Uniform and had to juggle country, duty, family, and life. We have been discouraged and been pushed forward by a Leader or comrade. We also want our Fire Team Whiskey® enlistees to encourage and push each other, and become that Leader themselves. Then they can, in turn, pay it forward and inspire someone to make that change. Who is with me? Are you ready to lead from the front!? I thought so!


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The vision of one can change the world.

Throughout history, national, even worldwide movements have been born from the vision of one person. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Mahatma Gandhi began the movement of non-violent civil protest.  Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Each was on the forefront of a movement, heading up a new cause. They were not always the celebrated people we know them to be today. Sometimes they stood alone. They were told it couldn't be done. They were told to give it up. They were told to stop wasting their time. They were told that the odds were not in their favor and that they had no chance of success. They doubted themselves. They had moments of overwhelming stress and frustration. They almost gave up, but they did not, and the world was changed in a unique way. Fire Team Whiskey™ wants to make this kind of impact on our Nation. With over half of the U.S Military and 70% of Americans being overweight or obese and these numbers steadily climbing, Fire Team Whiskey™ aims to stop the American obesity crisis in its tracks.  Fire Team Whiskey's™ mission is to ensure that EVERY Military Member and First Responder is Fit To Fight- Semper Paratus. This means healthy, physically and mentally fit at all times. We want to create a Nationwide movement. We want all Americans to adopt pride in their health and fitness. That we transform from "Fat Americans" to "Fit Americans." That obesity-related chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer become a rarity instead of the norm. Will we be told it can't be done? Will we be burdened with the long, hard road of work ahead of us? Will we stand alone in this fight at times? YES. But we will fight on. We will stand for this cause and fight. Even if it is alone. The health of our Nation is at stake. We can only Soldier on and fight the good fight, no matter how long it takes, Fire Team Whiskey™ is going to eradicate this enemy known as obesity.


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Over half of the U.S Military is overweight or obese. 1 in 4 Veterans is diabetic. 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. The annual cost to the Military Health System (MHS) for chronic conditions associated with overweight exceeds $1 billion annually.  72% of Veterans are overweight or obese. By the year 2020, only 2 out of 10 recruitable age Americans will meet the fitness and body fat standards to join the military.  The United States is in the midst of a public health epidemic. Obesity is a major financial and national security threat to our Nation. Fire Team Whiskey™ aims to attack this threat. To conquer this enemy, we must take a stand. We must be vigilant. We must be willing to do the hard work. We will no longer stand by and watch this destruction of our US Military and Nation. Join the fight! Join Fire Team Whiskey®!


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The definition of insanity....

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same result. A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost 40 percent of American adults and nearly 20 percent of adolescents are obese — the highest rates ever recorded in the U.S. As time ticks by, these rates have steadily climbed with no end in sight. On TV you see advertisements for weight loss programs: Nutrisystem®, Jenny Craig®, Weight Watchers®, etc. You see advertisements for weight loss supplements, pills, and shakes: Slimfast®, Alli®, Lipozene®, etc. And of course all the late night infomercials promise that fad fitness equipment or program that will burn "up to 10 times more calories" than any other exercise. And lastly, all the medical procedures and potions that promise to have you lose "40 pounds in 40 days," gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, B12 shots, HCG shots, Vitamin C IVs, thyroid medications, testosterone injections, diet pills, stimulants, diuretics, etc. Hundreds of options to choose from, all of which promise to get the weight off. Yet, the American obesity rate climbs. Average Americans attempts to lose weight 4 times a year! They are using all of these options, and they may work for a short time, and then the weight comes back on...and more. Are we all insane? Apparently so. A healthy weight is not found in a pill, a bar, an injection or a medical procedure. A healthy weight is an every day LIFESTYLE. A mindset focused on making the healthiest choices each day, every day, for the rest of our lives. Fire Team Whiskey® Military Fitness Protocol is 100% focused on helping each of our Warriors achieve that mindset. We help you sift through all the misleading information, stop the fad diets, and use your own body's innate ability to achieve optimal health. Stop the insanity, join Fire Team Whiskey®.


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The pumpkin spice bullet in your life...


Fall is in the air. It's cooling down. Football season is in full swing. We are breaking out the sweaters. We are starting to plan our holiday leave and BOOM! PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!!! A pumpkin spice bullet explodes into our brains.  As of October, we LOSE OUR MINDS! Apparently pumpkin spice has some sort of chemical effect on the brain similar to that time you did 14 shots of just forget every semblance of self restraint. It starts with the Pumpkin Spice everything, then comes the Halloween candy, then all the Thanksgiving work parties, then the seasonal flavors of beer, and don’t forget, football season. Where every weekend there are tailgate parties, cook outs, and lots of cheese and guac and chips and dips. I am not even going to move on to Christmas and New Year’s. We get it.


The years go by. Repeat. Repeat. But after some years, that number you started with in October is a bit higher. And the next. And the next. And you don’t seem to be able to get that fall/winter weight off completely each year. And before you know it, you are shocked that those winter sweaters you just broke out fit you like those tight Under Armor shirts. Guess why this happens? It’s science. Each time you go through a weight gain, lose cycle, you are create more “memory” in those fat cells. They remember how to get fat, and they don’t shrink as small each time. It’s like a balloon that is inflated and deflated over and over again. It doesn’t ever return to its original tiny shape that was so hard to blow up the first time around. You are training your body to hold on to fat harder and harder with each cycle. You are creating insulin resistance, which causes the body to store fat more and makes it harder to burn fat as energy. Our holiday hall pass is leading to a lifetime of damage that gets worse every time it is repeated.  I won’t go into the inflammation, blood sugar, neurological and other related health damage, that is worth several blogs.

Point is: STOP THE PUMPKIN SPICE BULLET MAKING YOU FATTER EVERY YEAR! The Fire Team Whiskey® Eating Plans are very clear on treats: they are a special occasion thing. No more than once a week, you get to indulge on ONE SERVING of ONE TREAT. Want to have a pumpkin beer? Alright! One. Not a six-pack. You think that the most elite athletes in the world go to IHOP and get a huge stack of pumpkin pancakes every weekend on October and November? Nope. Why? Because that few minutes of enjoyment is not worth the huge chunk of hard work they put in at the gym. That is the difference in mindset between someone who is healthy and fit for their entire life and someone who struggles with their health and weight their entire life. The mindset. Nothing else. Appreciating a treat for what it is: a rare thing that can be enjoyed. Not an all out, every day, "I deserve this" and "I'll just run later" attitude. The focus is on the prize. The prize is not worth giving up for that beer, that muffin, that pie. Their "Why" is greater than that sugar high, that temporary enjoyment.


Fire Team Whiskey® has online webinars provided by experts in the field of behavioral change to help you learn to make this mindset shift within yourself. Don't repeat the Pumpkin Madness this year. Do something different. Enlist in Fire Team Whiskey® and learn to apply the focus of a Warrior to defeating that winter weight gain. Stop that Pumpkin Bullet. Put on your Fire Team Whiskey® armor. Commit to 90 days. Start OCT 1st and let Fire Team Whiskey get you into the best shape you have ever been during the holiday season this year. Stop shooting yourself in the foot every year with that proverbial pumpkin spice bullet. COMMIT TO LOSING WEIGHT THIS WINTER. JOIN OUR 90 DAY HOLIDAY FIGHT THE FAT CHALLENGE!


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The burdens we carry

When I read the book "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed and came upon the following statement, my mind was just blown."I was amazed that what I needed to survive could be carried on my back. And most surprising of all, that I could carry it. That I could bear the unbearable." This statement perfectly describes many people in my almost 15 years of counseling experience. People who have come from the most dire circumstances. The least likely of people. The people who had so much taken from them People who self-destruct. As I sat and discussed the troubles of today's youth with my first Platoon Leader, whom I fondly call my "Army Daddy," this topic came up. So many young people today have never struggled. There is so much instant gratification in today's society. Today's 20-somethings didn't experience a world without the internet and a smart phone at their fingertips!!!! The CSM and I talked about the "hard knocks" we went through that made us who we are. And I emphatically told him that I feel that the mentorship, and the very stern talking to along with the appropriate punishment to go with it, that I received from my various leaders in the military developed me so much as a person and made me who I am today. The high school and college kids don't have that now! Sure they may have an athletic coach that may have some positive influence on them, or a church leader, but not the HARD KNOCKS! Not the drill sergeant kind of developing that you get by being in the military. The hours of scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush. The first time you fail your PT test and disappoint yourself and your Platoon Sergeant. The endless freezing rain in the field when everything you have is soaked through and you can't stop shivering. Those effing ruck marches! The struggling to stay awake after days and days of less than 5 hours of sleep. Low crawling on your belly for an hour picking up tiny pieces of paper in a huge parade field while it's about 108 degrees with the heat index. Getting your ass chewed out by an O6 for the first time as a butter bar. I can go on and on with each hard moment experienced, yet each one scarred then built up new flesh, new character. I had so many officers and NCOs who pushed me harder, corrected me, praised me, encouraged me and helped build my layers of character in those very formative late teens and early 20s. I had many personal and professional challenges along the way. Ones that could have broken me, or sent me spiraling down the wrong. But those qualities that had been developed by all of those challenges and lessons learned helped keep me on the path. I am now an avid hiker. One of the things that I love the most about hiking is the fact that I can carry everything I need to survive on my back. I have the confidence, the training, the experience and the strength to step into the woods alone and to survive and thrive. I have everything I need within myself to do this very hard thing and do it well. To translate this ability to weight loss and fitness...come on, it's a no brainer! Anyone who has ever experienced any amount of difficulty in their life can win this fight! Yes. Losing weight is hard. But guess what? Most likely you have already gone through something harder, and come out the better for it. You already carried a mountain. How could you blink now at carrying this pebble? Give yourself some damn credit! You have already proven at some time in your life that you can do some pretty damn hard things. You got this! Believe in yourself! As Cheryl Strayed said, "you can bear the unbearable." 


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You had to be there...

Recently, I have been interviewing with a woman who is writing a book about women in the military, and my conversations with her have been taking me down memory lane. During my conversation with her yesterday, she asked me about any funny stories I may have to share from my time in the military. A million funny things ran through my head. I can certainly say that I never laughed so hard and so much than when I was in the military. I can't recall even one instance in my civilian life when the situations were more hilariously ridiculous. But I could not tell her just one story. Each time I chose one, it really was impossible to communicate why the situation was as funny as it was. For example, a girl in OCS whose rucksack was so top heavy as she was trying to walk up the steps of the bus and tipped backward and rolled down the steps on her back like a turtle. A silly vision, but not gut wrenching laughter inducing like it was at the time. Or the time when I was sitting around with the other TAC officers in the barracks and one of the guys walked through in his tighty-whiteys and there was a major pause in the conversation as all the guys stopped and looked at me to see my reaction. Or the time that our Medic slipped and fell and hurt his back and we called him "broke back medic" for the rest of our training time. Nope. You didn't laugh either reading these, right? But at the time, the level of gut wrenching, I couldn't breathe laughter that occurred is just unlike any of the laughter bouts I have ever had as a civilian. My military friends are the only ones who "get it." They too have been in so many ridiculous, dumb and hilarious situations, but I have no ability to translate the mirth to a civilian. I think this is part of why the military camaraderie is special. No matter how dire a situation you are in, when you are out in the field for 15 days, with the level of stench wafting off of you is eye-watering, you are hot, tired and crazy uncomfortable, but your military buddies are just as miserable and you all band together to make the best of the situation and find something to laugh about, no matter how dumb.

I can hear you asking, "What the heck does this have to do with health and fitness and losing weight?" Well, nothing on the surface, but everything with Fire Team Whiskey. I called it "Fire Team" for a reason. For those civilians reading this, a fire team is the smallest unit of movement in combat. You are responsible for covering your fire teams back and so are they. A level of trust and support is needed in that fire team in order to be successful. That mission is accomplished as a team, not as individuals. This is how I look at a health and fitness journey. I personally have always pushed myself harder, done better, and achieved more when working in a team, even with my health. Having accountability partners, having workout partners, or even just someone to vent to when things do go well with my health and fitness journey has always made the difference between mission failure and mission accomplishment. It's VERY hard doing this alone especially when your spouse/partner, family member and friends are not on this journey with you. The spouse who wants to order pizza for dinner, when they know you are trying to lose weight. The buddies who want to get together and drink beers and eat chicken wings and fried cheese. The family member who gives very unhelpful advice like: "Just stop eating so much, then you will lose weight." This journey can be isolating, lonely and downright infuriating when the people around you are not supportive in their words and deeds. This is why I chose "Fire Team." A big part of the Fire Team Whiskey Program is that camaraderie, that support, that accountability, covering each other's 6. All of our Program Participants will have a Battle Buddy (a mentor who has done the Program and has had success with it) AND their own Fire Team (others who are doing the same program). This is an important aspect of achieving a mission that many forget. Finding others to hold you accountable, mentor you, push you and be on this movement with you is what Fire Team Whiskey is all about. I included a picture of two of my best battle buddies in this post. We have experienced some of the hardest and funniest moments together, and these guys are my brothers in arms. So cheers, to us and those like us, damn few! 


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Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Yesterday was a day of confirmation for me. I checked in with all the people I have been health coaching either directly or indirectly. The reports I received from all of them were so uplifting. Of course not 100% had made huge progress, a couple even had set backs, their outlook was good. They had proven to themselves that this was possible for them and they were certain they could succeed again. I had a bit of a self “check” about a week ago when I realized that I had started my own journey exactly a year ago. I thought then: “What if I had not started my journey a year ago?” What if I had put it off, telling myself: “I will do it next month.” Or, “I will start after the summer.” Or, “January would be a better time to start. I just have too much going on right now.” But I didn’t. I said, “Let’s do this.” And I did. Sure, I had set backs. Yes, it was hard. But now I have a year under my belt. A year of focusing on ME, my health, my fitness, my well-being. Focusing on making progress every day with improving my nutrition and being consistent with it. Working out in the optimal way I could and constantly switching up my fitness routine to keep the body guessing and developing. Spending time every day learning something new, feeding my brain and focusing on connecting my mind with my body. Tuning into my body’s needs and no longer ignoring them out of convenience or distraction and business. A whole year of this. Looking back, I can certainly say I feel stronger, healthier, and mentally fitter than I ever have in my life. But I have spent a whole year doing this! What if I had put it off, like I did so many time before (or just for a couple of months and then went back to my old routines, letting my old habits take over). When I offer to help people start their health, weight loss, and/or fitness journeys, most of them say no. Now don’t get me wrong, no one says “No” straight out. But they say it in a million different ways: “Maybe next month.” Or “I can’t afford it right now.” Or, “I just don’t have time.” Or, “After my vacation.” There are a million ways to say “No," and I have heard most of them. What breaks my heart is that if they said “Yes” and at least started this journey, even if it was to make one baby step on this path, one year from now, how much further along would they be on their path to their health and fitness goals? So much further! But with saying no, they say “no” to that progress and say “yes” to standing at the starting point, warily looking down the path. One day I hope they can take that first step, but I know that the ONLY REGRET ANYONE HAS with their health and fitness goals is that THEY DIDN’T START SOONER! Isn’t that a kick in the pants?


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