The vision of one can change the world.

Throughout history, national, even worldwide movements have been born from the vision of one person. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Mahatma Gandhi began the movement of non-violent civil protest.  Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Each was on the forefront of a movement, heading up a new cause. They were not always the celebrated people we know them to be today. Sometimes they stood alone. They were told it couldn't be done. They were told to give it up. They were told to stop wasting their time. They were told that the odds were not in their favor and that they had no chance of success. They doubted themselves. They had moments of overwhelming stress and frustration. They almost gave up, but they did not, and the world was changed in a unique way. Fire Team Whiskey™ wants to make this kind of impact on our Nation. With over half of the U.S Military and 70% of Americans being overweight or obese and these numbers steadily climbing, Fire Team Whiskey™ aims to stop the American obesity crisis in its tracks.  Fire Team Whiskey's™ mission is to ensure that EVERY Military Member and First Responder is Fit To Fight- Semper Paratus. This means healthy, physically and mentally fit at all times. We want to create a Nationwide movement. We want all Americans to adopt pride in their health and fitness. That we transform from "Fat Americans" to "Fit Americans." That obesity-related chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer become a rarity instead of the norm. Will we be told it can't be done? Will we be burdened with the long, hard road of work ahead of us? Will we stand alone in this fight at times? YES. But we will fight on. We will stand for this cause and fight. Even if it is alone. The health of our Nation is at stake. We can only Soldier on and fight the good fight, no matter how long it takes, Fire Team Whiskey™ is going to eradicate this enemy known as obesity.


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