Losing weight
shouldn't be  complicated


Fire Team Whiskey’s battle-tested programs have helped Military Members and First Responders lose weight and get fit, and now our programs are available to the public! Our programs are simple and we will prove it can work for you in only 14 days for FREE!

how it works


It takes about one minute to sign up and costs nothing today! Everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals, right on your Fire Team Whiskey App.

GEt instant access to

  • Stream hundreds of workout videos created by and for Military Members and First Responders

  • Customizable fitness and nutrition programs

  • Group coaching with a military fitness trainer

follow your meal plan


Abs are made in the kitchen! We tell you exactly what to eat to lose weight.

press play for 14 days

You can stream most workouts in 30 minutes or less and 50% of our workouts require NO EQUIPMENT! You choose the fitness and nutrition plan that best fits your life and your schedule. Everything you need is in one place, right on your phone.

show off your results!


You committed to 14 days, you did the hard work, feel great about your progress!

keep progressing!


We know the results you get and the community you have become a part of will inspire you to keep going! When you join our Fire Team, you become a part of a community of Military Memebers and First Responders motivating each other every day to get healthier and fitter.

here’s how you could feel in 14 days…

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Fire team whiskey gets results

Military Member Jeff B. has lost over 60 pounds since starting the Fire Team Whiskey Program in May 2018.*

Military Member Jeff B. has lost over 60 pounds since starting the Fire Team Whiskey Program in May 2018.*

We prove it in the real world. Our Programs are different because they were created by Military Members and First Responders, for Military Member and First Responders. Our Program participants struggled just like you to find a simple and convenient way to maintain good health and fitness, so they can better serve their Country and Communities. They lost the weight, kept it off and got fitter than they have been in years with the Fire Team Whiskey Programs.

How will you look and feel 14 days from now?


Will you be two weeks closer to your goals? We've proven our system works. We have programs for beginners, moderate and advanced levels. We meet you where you are starting from. We want to prove that this program can work for you too. You have nothing to lose but body fat!

The fire team whiskey app has everything you need to ACHIEVE those health and fitness goals right at your fingertips! available for download on on android, ios and apple phones!

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