Captain Lincoln


Captain Stephanie Lincoln is the Founder and CEO of Fire Team Whiskey® and a FTW Cadre. She is a former Captain in the Florida Army National Guard. Stephanie was enlisted for 5 of those years, and a OCS Commissioned Officer for the last 5 years of her service, totalling 10 years of Uniformed Service. Her enlisted MOS was Finance and she branched Signal as an Officer. Stephanie was also a Certified Army Instructor, Certified Combat Lifesaver and TAC Officer (think Officer version of a Drill Sergeant). She also worked as a civilian contractor in the field of Military Medical for an additional 7 years.  CPT Lincoln has a total of 19 years of Uniformed and Contracted Service to the Military. She has her Masters in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. CPT Lincoln has specialized training in the behavioral treatment of obesity and is an Eating Psychology expert. Stephanie is a lifelong athlete and was on the Florida Army National Guard Adventure Racing Team.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer with several group fitness certifications.

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Fire Team Whiskey­® is the Vision of CPT Lincoln. She was inspired by her work with the Florida Army National Guard Wellness Program and also her many years working with Military Medical. She observed the steady decline of the fitness and health of Military Service Members over the last 10 years.  CPT Lincoln created and published a unique eating plan, a specialized line of nutritional shakes, bars, and other performance supplements and a fitness program that requires no equipment and minimal time. Fire Team Whiskey® encompasses all of those intangible things that a Military Member and First Responder is driven by: Duty, Comradery, and Mission.