The Match Vs. The Candle

Many of our new enlistees on the Fire Team Whiskey™ Caliber Protocols may be surprised when they see the eating plan for their Caliber. Each Caliber eating plan is a little different, but they all have one thing in common, it's focused on helping your body burn fat as fuel instead of glycogen. To most people this makes sense. We all want to burn fat right? But most people don't realize that the way they eat on a daily basis basically guarantees that no fat is being burned and even worse, the way that they are eating is encouraging the body to store more fat. I have a great illustration to describe this. Your body can only burn 2 kinds of energy: glycogen and ketones (a by-product of breaking down fat).  Think of glycogen as a match and ketones as a candle. Matches are easy to burn, right? They are a quick and easy source of fire and light but don't last very long at all. A candle is easy to light, but it takes a very long time to burn the candle wax. That fire has to work constantly for a long time to completely consume the wax of an entire candle. Because it does not take much energy or effort, the body likes to burn glycogen, a by-product the carbohydrates and protein that you eat.  It's quick, it's easy and the body can store it away in fat cells for later use if it has too much. As long as the body has plenty of matches, it never tries to burn the candle.  In order to burn those candles, the body has to stop refilling those matches. On the Fire Team Whiskey™ eating plans, we are getting you to eat in a pattern that allows for your body to run out of matches. This means, reducing the consumption of those things that refill those matches (carbohydrates and proteins) enough to force your body to burn the candle (body fat). I can hear you asking; "Why don't most people eat this way?" Its simple: because it's hard to switch from matches to candles. When your body is used to burning glycogen, it has a hard time remembering that there are plenty of candles around to burn. If you have ever stopped eating sugar or caffeine for lent, it's this same feeling. Your body is going through withdrawal. Initial feelings of fatigue, intense cravings, and all-out moodiness will happen. But once your body has adjusted and the brain has had some time away from those mood-altering substances, it adjusts. Your body comes out of that withdrawal, looks around and says "Hey, look at all these candles!" Then the magic happens....ketosis (or fat adaptation). Your body is an energy machine. You have no fatigue. No afternoon sleepiness after lunch. No "food coma". Your mind is sharp. You don't need that dose of caffeine to get you going. Suddenly in the gym, you feel like you can workout forever and never get tired. Your body has endless energy because most people (unless you are severely anorexic) have plenty of body fat stored to fuel our bodies for months without the need to eat. Curious? Enlist in one of our Caliber Protocol's and see for yourself!


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