If it's not a "HELL YES!", then it's a "HELL NO!"

You know that feeling you get when you hear someone say something and it hits you RIGHT IN THE GUT. A phrase or a saying or a personal philosophy that just reaches out an grabs you and you say to yourself "YES! I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!". Well, when I saw the amazing Toni Hernandez, Cultural Engineer at Oly+Water (https://oylandwater.com/about-us/) speak about a month ago, I had one of those moments. She said one of her own personal philosophies was this: If it's not a hell yes, then it's a hell no. Let me explain. She learned the hard way that you have to commit to your vision, your goals, your THING 100%. You cannot be wishy washy. You cannot semi-commit then back out. You cannot spread yourself so thin to a million tasks and never be able to do any of them well because your energy is so diluted. You have to approach every task, every request, every day with the question: Is this a hell yes or a hell no? If you are willing to commit all of your energy and resources to it, it excites you, and it's something that is going to get you to one step closer to accomplishing your vision in life, then its a HELL YES. Proceed. Go forward. Do it. If it's something you are not thrilled about, not sure of, or are just doing out of obligation, then it's a HELL NO. Don't proceed. Stop. Say no and move on. Amongst the many reasons why this philosophy is so smart for anyone's life, I want to translate this for you and your health and fitness goals. It really should be this black and white. Are you ok with getting Type 2 Diabetes and all the horrendous health complications that come with it (renal failure, loss of sight/blindness, loss of limbs, just to name a few)? If no....then it NEEDS to be a HELL NO! Then you need to approach everyday with that attitude. HELL NO, that pasta is not in line with my decision to not have Diabetes. HELL NO, sitting on the couch instead of going for a walk is not in line with my decision to not have Diabetes. You get the picture. You may be thinking, but this is oversimplified...of course no one WANTS to get diabetes. Sure. But you know what? I find that when we overcomplicate things, when we focus on a million reasons why someone has a hard time not doing the things they need to do in order to avoid obesity related diseases, then we are unable to focus on the ONE reason why we CAN...because we dont want diabetes. Kind of a play on "shit or get off the pot." At Fire team Whiskey, our Cadre will confront you with that very question. Is this a HELL YES or a HELL NO? If you are wishy washy, we are not interested. We cant work harder at your own health goals that you are willing to work. We will present the question and you make the decision. Either shit or get off the pot. Either get to work, or get out of the way so someone else who is ready to give it there all can take your place. Our Fire Team is full of people who looked at their health and fitness and said HELL YES! Are you ready to join a our HELL YES Team or are you going to stay on the sidelines on the HELL NO bench? You decide. 


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