You had to be there...

Recently, I have been interviewing with a woman who is writing a book about women in the military, and my conversations with her have been taking me down memory lane. During my conversation with her yesterday, she asked me about any funny stories I may have to share from my time in the military. A million funny things ran through my head. I can certainly say that I never laughed so hard and so much than when I was in the military. I can't recall even one instance in my civilian life when the situations were more hilariously ridiculous. But I could not tell her just one story. Each time I chose one, it really was impossible to communicate why the situation was as funny as it was. For example, a girl in OCS whose rucksack was so top heavy as she was trying to walk up the steps of the bus and tipped backward and rolled down the steps on her back like a turtle. A silly vision, but not gut wrenching laughter inducing like it was at the time. Or the time when I was sitting around with the other TAC officers in the barracks and one of the guys walked through in his tighty-whiteys and there was a major pause in the conversation as all the guys stopped and looked at me to see my reaction. Or the time that our Medic slipped and fell and hurt his back and we called him "broke back medic" for the rest of our training time. Nope. You didn't laugh either reading these, right? But at the time, the level of gut wrenching, I couldn't breathe laughter that occurred is just unlike any of the laughter bouts I have ever had as a civilian. My military friends are the only ones who "get it." They too have been in so many ridiculous, dumb and hilarious situations, but I have no ability to translate the mirth to a civilian. I think this is part of why the military camaraderie is special. No matter how dire a situation you are in, when you are out in the field for 15 days, with the level of stench wafting off of you is eye-watering, you are hot, tired and crazy uncomfortable, but your military buddies are just as miserable and you all band together to make the best of the situation and find something to laugh about, no matter how dumb.

I can hear you asking, "What the heck does this have to do with health and fitness and losing weight?" Well, nothing on the surface, but everything with Fire Team Whiskey. I called it "Fire Team" for a reason. For those civilians reading this, a fire team is the smallest unit of movement in combat. You are responsible for covering your fire teams back and so are they. A level of trust and support is needed in that fire team in order to be successful. That mission is accomplished as a team, not as individuals. This is how I look at a health and fitness journey. I personally have always pushed myself harder, done better, and achieved more when working in a team, even with my health. Having accountability partners, having workout partners, or even just someone to vent to when things do go well with my health and fitness journey has always made the difference between mission failure and mission accomplishment. It's VERY hard doing this alone especially when your spouse/partner, family member and friends are not on this journey with you. The spouse who wants to order pizza for dinner, when they know you are trying to lose weight. The buddies who want to get together and drink beers and eat chicken wings and fried cheese. The family member who gives very unhelpful advice like: "Just stop eating so much, then you will lose weight." This journey can be isolating, lonely and downright infuriating when the people around you are not supportive in their words and deeds. This is why I chose "Fire Team." A big part of the Fire Team Whiskey Program is that camaraderie, that support, that accountability, covering each other's 6. All of our Program Participants will have a Battle Buddy (a mentor who has done the Program and has had success with it) AND their own Fire Team (others who are doing the same program). This is an important aspect of achieving a mission that many forget. Finding others to hold you accountable, mentor you, push you and be on this movement with you is what Fire Team Whiskey is all about. I included a picture of two of my best battle buddies in this post. We have experienced some of the hardest and funniest moments together, and these guys are my brothers in arms. So cheers, to us and those like us, damn few! 


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