Inspired by the Fight!

Who's fight has inspired you? This picture was taken of my brother in law just 19 days after his testicular cancer surgery. It was a whirlwind event. He was diagnosed with cancer on a Friday and in surgery that following Monday morning. 19 days later, he was standing in front of the camera and doing all the workout moves I called out to him. He insisted on doing the shoot because he had committed to it and he is a man of his word. He is a Firefighter Paramedic and is also on the SWAT Paramedic Team here in town. His commitment to his family and his duty are so inspiring to me and why we chose him as one of our FTW Fitness models. He faced cancer like he faces down fires, emergency situations and potential active shooter a BEAST! We talk about health and fitness so much as a Nation but we also need to remember a huge part of the puzzle that is Health: the SPIRIT. You can call it religion, you can call it spirituality, you can call it whatever you want, but when you witness someone fight with everything they have for their lives and their health...that is something you cannot name. I can certainly say I have seen this kind of spirit in many Service Members, Veterans and First Responders that I have known over the years. I have countless stories of being a witness to someone's struggle and victory. That manifestation of the WARRIOR SPIRIT!


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