Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Yesterday was a day of confirmation for me. I checked in with all the people I have been health coaching either directly or indirectly. The reports I received from all of them were so uplifting. Of course not 100% had made huge progress, a couple even had set backs, their outlook was good. They had proven to themselves that this was possible for them and they were certain they could succeed again. I had a bit of a self “check” about a week ago when I realized that I had started my own journey exactly a year ago. I thought then: “What if I had not started my journey a year ago?” What if I had put it off, telling myself: “I will do it next month.” Or, “I will start after the summer.” Or, “January would be a better time to start. I just have too much going on right now.” But I didn’t. I said, “Let’s do this.” And I did. Sure, I had set backs. Yes, it was hard. But now I have a year under my belt. A year of focusing on ME, my health, my fitness, my well-being. Focusing on making progress every day with improving my nutrition and being consistent with it. Working out in the optimal way I could and constantly switching up my fitness routine to keep the body guessing and developing. Spending time every day learning something new, feeding my brain and focusing on connecting my mind with my body. Tuning into my body’s needs and no longer ignoring them out of convenience or distraction and business. A whole year of this. Looking back, I can certainly say I feel stronger, healthier, and mentally fitter than I ever have in my life. But I have spent a whole year doing this! What if I had put it off, like I did so many time before (or just for a couple of months and then went back to my old routines, letting my old habits take over). When I offer to help people start their health, weight loss, and/or fitness journeys, most of them say no. Now don’t get me wrong, no one says “No” straight out. But they say it in a million different ways: “Maybe next month.” Or “I can’t afford it right now.” Or, “I just don’t have time.” Or, “After my vacation.” There are a million ways to say “No," and I have heard most of them. What breaks my heart is that if they said “Yes” and at least started this journey, even if it was to make one baby step on this path, one year from now, how much further along would they be on their path to their health and fitness goals? So much further! But with saying no, they say “no” to that progress and say “yes” to standing at the starting point, warily looking down the path. One day I hope they can take that first step, but I know that the ONLY REGRET ANYONE HAS with their health and fitness goals is that THEY DIDN’T START SOONER! Isn’t that a kick in the pants?


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