The pumpkin spice bullet in your life...


Fall is in the air. It's cooling down. Football season is in full swing. We are breaking out the sweaters. We are starting to plan our holiday leave and BOOM! PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!!! A pumpkin spice bullet explodes into our brains.  As of October, we LOSE OUR MINDS! Apparently pumpkin spice has some sort of chemical effect on the brain similar to that time you did 14 shots of just forget every semblance of self restraint. It starts with the Pumpkin Spice everything, then comes the Halloween candy, then all the Thanksgiving work parties, then the seasonal flavors of beer, and don’t forget, football season. Where every weekend there are tailgate parties, cook outs, and lots of cheese and guac and chips and dips. I am not even going to move on to Christmas and New Year’s. We get it.


The years go by. Repeat. Repeat. But after some years, that number you started with in October is a bit higher. And the next. And the next. And you don’t seem to be able to get that fall/winter weight off completely each year. And before you know it, you are shocked that those winter sweaters you just broke out fit you like those tight Under Armor shirts. Guess why this happens? It’s science. Each time you go through a weight gain, lose cycle, you are create more “memory” in those fat cells. They remember how to get fat, and they don’t shrink as small each time. It’s like a balloon that is inflated and deflated over and over again. It doesn’t ever return to its original tiny shape that was so hard to blow up the first time around. You are training your body to hold on to fat harder and harder with each cycle. You are creating insulin resistance, which causes the body to store fat more and makes it harder to burn fat as energy. Our holiday hall pass is leading to a lifetime of damage that gets worse every time it is repeated.  I won’t go into the inflammation, blood sugar, neurological and other related health damage, that is worth several blogs.

Point is: STOP THE PUMPKIN SPICE BULLET MAKING YOU FATTER EVERY YEAR! The Fire Team Whiskey® Eating Plans are very clear on treats: they are a special occasion thing. No more than once a week, you get to indulge on ONE SERVING of ONE TREAT. Want to have a pumpkin beer? Alright! One. Not a six-pack. You think that the most elite athletes in the world go to IHOP and get a huge stack of pumpkin pancakes every weekend on October and November? Nope. Why? Because that few minutes of enjoyment is not worth the huge chunk of hard work they put in at the gym. That is the difference in mindset between someone who is healthy and fit for their entire life and someone who struggles with their health and weight their entire life. The mindset. Nothing else. Appreciating a treat for what it is: a rare thing that can be enjoyed. Not an all out, every day, "I deserve this" and "I'll just run later" attitude. The focus is on the prize. The prize is not worth giving up for that beer, that muffin, that pie. Their "Why" is greater than that sugar high, that temporary enjoyment.


Fire Team Whiskey® has online webinars provided by experts in the field of behavioral change to help you learn to make this mindset shift within yourself. Don't repeat the Pumpkin Madness this year. Do something different. Enlist in Fire Team Whiskey® and learn to apply the focus of a Warrior to defeating that winter weight gain. Stop that Pumpkin Bullet. Put on your Fire Team Whiskey® armor. Commit to 90 days. Start OCT 1st and let Fire Team Whiskey get you into the best shape you have ever been during the holiday season this year. Stop shooting yourself in the foot every year with that proverbial pumpkin spice bullet. COMMIT TO LOSING WEIGHT THIS WINTER. JOIN OUR 90 DAY HOLIDAY FIGHT THE FAT CHALLENGE!


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