Is flexible fasting right for me?

Flexible intermittent fasting is basically what it sounds like, it is a form of fasting that does not follow a specific regimen or script. It allows a person to have a bit more flexibility in following a fasting routine, thus making it feel a bit less restrictive. As with this version of fasting that we use in the Fire Team Whiskey® .50 Cal Eating Plan, we would only recommend this version of fasting if a person has demonstrated an ability to quickly switch from "on plan" to "off plan" without any struggle. Meaning, if you are the type of person who has a cheat meal, that turns into a cheat day, that turns into a cheat week, this version of intermittent fasting is not for you. This version of intermittent fasting is for someone who has demonstrated a high level of self-discipline on their current eating plan, and any "off track" changes don't result in major setbacks. 

With flexible intermittent fasting, you have a daily goal to meet a fasting window, commonly its 16 hours. A flexible faster may consume some fat during that fasting window, for example, drinking coffee with heavy cream and MCT oil or butter, but still consider themselves on a fast. This allows for a person to potentially last longer before they break their fast by providing some hunger satiation with the use of consuming a small amount of fat. 

Another version of flexible fasting is that a person may also have a daily goal of fasting for 16 hours, but based on life circumstances, may "flip" their time window for their fast depending on their schedule that day.  For example, I usually fast from 8:00 PM until about 2-4PM the next day. But on Sundays, I like to go eat brunch with friends, so I will "flip" my fast window, and make that my only meal for the day, thus doing a Noon to 8 am the next day fast. 

Flexible fasting is a great way to get many of the benefits of a fast, but without some of the stress and suffering of traditional fasting. 


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"New Year, New You" exercise motivation has fizzled, but summer is soon approaching and some of us need a  "resolution recharge" to get our bodies ready for the beach! 

#1:  GET A BATTLE BUDDY:  Research shows that we can be up to 80% more successful with our health goals when we solicit an accountability partner (if not 2 or 3!). We suggest you make a pact with a couple of friends. Share your short-term health goals with your accountability partner (for example, I want to walk 2 miles 3 days a week) and ask them to check in with you weekly (or daily if you need it) to check in on your goal progress. Group accountability is great too! Social media has tons of online support groups specific to every kind of health and fitness goals. I would suggest to try and find a smaller group or put together one of your own private Facebook accountability group with people you know. 


#2: CHANGE THINGS UP: Mabey you stopped going to the gym because you were just frankly bored with it. I mean, who doesn't feel like a hamster in a wheel going nowhere when running on a treadmill. Research some more creative ways to workout that are available in your area. Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing, or taking a pole dancing fitness class, or shook your booty in a Zumba class? Mabey you are more of an outdoorsy type. You can sign up for a kayaking class, or find some local trails to hike.  If you are looking forward to a workout because it is new and exciting to you, the more likely you are to do it! 


#3:  STOP LOOKING AT THIS AS A "DIET":  The word "diet" implies "punishment", "restriction" and "temporary". This is why all diets eventually fail. Start looking at it as a "lifestyle change".  If you start thinking yourself as a "healthy person" rather than "a person who is trying to be healthy" it can make a big difference with your motivation. When you look at that box of donuts in the office and think "I can't have that. I am on a diet". How does that make you feel? Not very motivating huh? The mindset shift to looking at the donuts and thinking "I am a healthy person and that is not supportive of my health goals". Now that sounds like a person who empowered by their journey and focused on their goals! 

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