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A "healthy" food that is actually NOT healthy!

There are all sorts of marketing schemes you are exposed to every single time you walk down a grocery aisle. Claims that this is “heart healthy” or “lowers cholesterol” or “a fat free food”, etc. Did you know that almost all of these labels are actually just purchased by the food company to be allowed to be placed on their packaging and actually require NO nutritional or scientific data to support this label (case and point, the “hearth healthy” label, sugary cereals have this label yet they are made up of over 50% sugar, which is actually inflammatory and directly linked to heart disease related medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes). Here is a food that you may have always believed to be “healthy” but actually is not:


Most oatmeal that people consume is processed, instant, oatmeal, so many of the healthier properties have been stripped away by this processing. Most of the instant, boxed oatmeal you purchase at a grocer has added sugar, and because of these two things, oatmeal happens to be a high glycemic index food, meaning it spikes your blood sugar (Here is a study with these findings HIgh glycemic foods create a fat storage reaction in the body and a sudden drop of blood sugar, which sends signals to the body that you are hungry …even though you may have eaten as soon as a few minutes ago! Along with making you hungry sooner, the study found that people who consume oatmeal instead of eggs for breakfast were found to eat 81 percent more food during the day (those who ate steel cut oats ate 51 percent more, than those who ate the omelet, this being a less processed version of oatmeal). What was also found is that those who ate the oatmeal were found to have higher levels of insulin, blood sugar and stress hormones (cortisone and adrenaline), all of which wreak havoc on our metabolic systems and create inflammation (which, guess what, is NOT heart healthy).

Bottom line is, just because a food is labeled with a claim, doesn’t mean this is actually true or that the food manufacturer has to meet any standard to meet this claim. Stick with foods that mainly don’t have any labels at all or need to make a claim (like meat, produce, and dairy). Things in a box or a package have to make claims to get your attention and to convince you that it’s food, when you should be sticking to eating mainly foods that don’t need fancy labels or health claims.

FTW Italian Baked Egg Recipe

FTW Italian Baked Egg Recipe


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 22 minutes

Total time: 32 minutes



1 tbsp. olive oil

2 garlic gloves

½ cup cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp. Italian seasoning

5 eggs

½ cup fresh mozzarella

3 cups chopped tomatoes

Serves 5


1.       Preheat oven to 400*. 

2.      Heat oil in cast iron skillet.  Add garlic and simmer one minute.  Add chopped tomatoes, Italian seasoning and simmer for 10 minutes. 

3.      Crack eggs onto tomatoes and top with mozzarella cheese and bake for 10-12 minutes or until egg whites are cooked.  Yolks can still be runny.

4.      Garnish with parsley, cherry tomatoes or olives.  Use low carb bread or FTW bagel for dipping.


Macros:  one serving

162 calories,  10.2 grams of fat, 6.8 grams of carbs, 10.8 grams of protein.

What the heck is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil is a very powerful nutritional supplement. It can help you lose weight, boost your energy, crush cravings, and make it easier to get your body to burn fat for fuel. Fire Team Whiskey® Founder Captain Stephanie Lincoln drinks a SpecOps Shake™ powdered version of MCT Oil combined with whey protein powder every day for lunch. Her favorite way to drink her SpecOps Shake™ is blended with a scoop of all-natural peanut butter and a splash of cinnamon.


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is a healthy fat derived from coconuts. MCTs are an ideal source of fat that create a source of energy called ketones. Ketones are a very efficient and long lasting source of energy and are produced almost instantly by consuming MCT. Ketones generate a strong thermogenic effect in the body (i.e. metabolism boosting and fat burning). Best of all, unlike the energy you get from carbohydrates and sugars (glycogen), ketones cannot be stored as body fat! There are many health benefits associated with consuming MCT. Here are just a few below!


MCTs Aid in Weight Loss

MCTs, in comparison  to Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs), led to reduced appetite and increased feelings of fullness. (

Several other studies in both animals and humans have shown that MCTs increase the body’s ability to burn fat and calories.

MCTs were found to reduce fat and calorie intake in a study on 36 healthy women.

MCTs can increase satiety, or feelings of fullness, which leads to reduced food intake and causing weight loss.

They are broken down faster than LCTs making them more readily used by the body and less likely to be converted to and stored as fat.

In humans, MCT consumption for 4 weeks induced energy expenditure, fat burning and body weight loss.

An analysis of experiments showed after 3 weeks of MCT consumption or more participants had reduced body weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, total body fat, total subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat compared to LCT.

Studies performed on cells showed MCTs reduces the conversion of excess carbohydrates to fat.

MCTs Can Enhance Exercise Performance

It has been shown that consuming food containing MCTs instead of LCTs for 2 weeks increases duration of high-intensity exercise in recreational athletes.

MCTs Can Improve Cholesterol

MCTs lowered LDL/HDL ratio, total and HDL-cholesterol; improved cardiometabolic profile in obese individuals.

In humans, natural sources of MCT, like coconut oil, along with low calorie diets led to reduced LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol.

MCTs Can Reduce the Symptoms of Diabetes

One study showed that diets rich in MCTs increased insulin sensitivity in adults with type 2 diabetes.

A different study on individuals with type 2 diabetes showed that MCT supplementation improved diabetes risk factors as well as reduced body weight, waist circumference and insulin resistance.

MCTs Can Benefit the Brain

MCTs have been shown to improve memory compared to placebos in individuals with mild cognitive impairments.

MCTs have been observed to improve cognitive status, especially women, those without diabetes type II, and severe patients.


If you have never used a MCT Oil product before, or have not used one in a while, we recommend starting with consuming only half a serving at a time. So this means, putting half the packet of the shake into a blender bottle with 6-8 ounces of liquid and shake/blending it or placing in a blender with 6-8 ounces of liquid and whatever you care to mix with it.  Some people experience stomach irritation when they first start eating MCT Oil based foods. There is no cause for alarm, but we want to help you avoid any discomfort. Take it easy and do half servings until your body gets used to this very powerful and complex fat. After a few days of consistent use, your body should adjust and not react with stomach irritation any longer. If the MCT Oil causes you severe stomach pain or nausea, we suggest starting with a tablespoon serving then start increasing by a tablespoon each week until to a full serving size.

We hope you will join our Mission to achieve optimal health and start supplementing your diet with this amazing, natural, healthy fat!

If you are on any medications, have any pre-existing medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your Physician before consuming this product. The SpecOps Keto Joe Shake contains caffeine. This product is intended for the use of those over the age of 18, keep out of reach of children. Fire Team Whiskey® does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or medical treatment of any kind. The SpecOps Shakes™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition. The following claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are derived from published research data findings (citations provided) and anecdotal observations.

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FTW Keto Chili Casserole

Fire Team Whiskey Cadre, SGT Cory Sanden shares his keto chili casserole recipe. 

FTW Keto Chili Casserole

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes


1lb. ground beef

1 medium diced onion

2-3 garlic cloves diced

1 cup of diced pepper of choice (green, red, poblano, etc.)

2 small cans of diced or crushed tomatoes or 8 oz. of juice

2 cups shredded cheese

Seasoning:  cumin, coriander, chili powder, or favorite chili seasoning


Diced avocadoes

Dollop of sour cream


1.       Preheat oven to 350*.

2.      Brown beef and onion in skillet.

3.      Add tomatoes, juice, garlic, seasoning, and peppers and simmer 2- 3 min.

4.      Add chili mixture into oven safe dish and top with 2 cups of cheese.

5.      Cook at 350* for 20 minutes.

6.      Remove for oven and serve with sour cream and avocadoes.

Macros: (servings 4)

One serving equals: 533 calories, 40 g fat, 9 g carb, 32 g protein.