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FTW Fat Bomb Shake

FTW Fat Bomb Shake


1 scoop Keto Joe SpecOps™ Shake

1 Keto Chocolate Chip FuelRation™ Bar 


Add 8 oz of water to your blender

Add 1 scoop Keto Joe SpecOps™ Shake

Add cut or broken off pieces of a full Keto Chocolate Chip FuelRation™ Bar 

Add ice if desired

Blend and Done!

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Salted Caramel Banana SpecOps™ Shake

I am always looking to switch up my daily shake and make it not only even more delicious but keep it from being boring. The great thing about the Fire Team Whiskey® SpecOps™ Shakes is that they don't require a blender, so if you are out in the field or on the go, you can easily blend with water or a cold liquid and get your healthy fats in, but when you have access to a blender, you can jazz it up! Here is my recipe for my Salted Caramel Banana Shake:

Place the following in a blender:

1 Scoop (or individual serving package) of Fire Team Whiskey® SpecOps™ Keto Joe MCT Shake 

1 Scoop of Vanilla flavored sugar free protein powder (any brand will do as long as it is sugar free)

I Tablespoon of Caramel extract (preferably organic)

1 small over ripe banana 

shake in a couple of shakes of Himalayan Salt to taste 

8 ounces of water 





Copyright 2018, Fire Team Whiskey, LLC. All rights reserved.