tank top shoulders

How to Get Tank Top Shoulders You Will Be Proud Of!

It's tank top season! Here are our favorite exercises: some traditional, some not so traditional to get those summer shoulders toned up! 

#1: Pull-ups. This is the #1 exercise for shoulder building. Don't be intimidated by pull-ups. You can use an assist band to help you complete the pull-ups to proper form. If you do not have an assist band, you can use a chair to help you start at the top and lower yourself down as slowly as you can (this is a reverse pull up).  

#2:  Climb and swing! So you hate the thought of pull-ups? Make them fun! Go to a rock climbing gym or just play on a kids jungle gym! You can climb, swing, hang and pull your way to toned shoulders...and it won't feel like a workout! 

#3:  Down dog push-ups. Get into a traditional down dog yoga position and while keeping the hips lifted and legs as straight as possible, slowly bend your elbows and lower your head towards the ground. Go as far as you are able to, then extend back to straight arms. As you get stronger, elevate your feet on a small step or box and execute the down dog pushups with elevated feet. 

#4: Paddle out! Taking your workout to the water is a great way to tone your shoulders. Swimming, paddling on a Stand-Up paddleboard, kayaking and surfing are all great ways to tone the arms and shoulders and also keep cool in the summer heat. 


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