Keto "Crack" Chicken


Thank you to Fire Team Member Jill Hebron for this recipe!

Keto Crack Chicken

Cook about 2lbs of chicken in your crockpot with about a cup of broth.

When chicken is thoroughly cooked and softened, shred it up with forks and toss in 8oz of cream cheese (or 4oz cream cheese + 4oz greek yogurt) and add HALF packet of ranch seasoning. I find this to be quite salty, so start small and adjust to your taste, and season with salt & pepper as needed.

Cook on low for about an hour to melt and mix. Serve hot or cold!!

If you are not a fan of ranch, you can flavor the chicken with pesto or salsa. Sometimes I split the cooked chicken in half and season separately, so I have more tasty keto eats during the week