FTW Cadre SGT Sanden shows us an amazing strength and cardio workout that is a challenge...a 300 challenge! 300 reps, as fast as you can. Get your timer ready and see if you can repeat next week to beat your time!

FTW 300 Challenge

Summary:   Seven exercises to be completed one after another with designated repetitions and timed from start to finish.  The goal is to complete this routine as fast as possible keeping appropriate form and safety. 

Warm-up: 2-3 minutes of choice

#1. 25 Pullups.  Overhand or underhand. For modification, use assist band or stool/chair. 

#2. 50 Deadlifts.  Barbell or dumbbells with light weights. Start with weight resting in front of Bend knees and stand tall.    

#3. 50 Pushups. Standard military style and modified on knees if needed.

#4. 50 Squat Jumps.  Feet shoulder width apart and squat to jump and repeat.

#5. 50 Flutter Kicks.  Lay on back and use military cadence style for repetitions.

#6. 50 Push Press.  Barbell or Dumbbell with light weights.  Bend knees then press upward extending the arms overhead to straight. 

#7. 25 Pullups. Same as the first set of pull-ups. 

Cool down stretch: 2-3 minutes of choice.

Notes:  Resting is allowed and reps do not have to be continuous to count.  The final number of reps will be 300.  Use a stopwatch or timer from start to finish to track time.  The modified version can do half of the totals listed to complete 150 total reps instead of 300 and then progress up to 300. .


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