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Make Your Own Fitness Sandbag

FTW Cadre SGT Cory Sanden shows you how to make your own fitness sandbag for functional fitness routines.

FTW Sandbag Instruction:


To increase functional fitness level and core strength for athletic performance. This video will show how easy it can be to make your own workout sandbag from household items or hardware store. 


Increases core strength and stability, flexibility, muscular endurance, mobility and balance.  The sandbag is travel-friendly, safe, cost-effective, diverse, adaptable, and ideal for all fitness levels.


Items for DIY FTW Sandbag:

Duffle bag or gym bag

Duct tape

Sand, softener salt, or kitty litter for weight

Ziploc bags for organization of weight


Handles from exercise bands



Take your bag and make sure the handles are secure and zipper is functioning.

Fill Ziploc with weight and label the corresponding amount with a marker.

 Wrap all weight in a garbage bag for added protection and cleanliness. 

Put weight in the bag and wrap bag with duct tape if need be for security. 

Label the outside with a strip of duct tape and marker of the total pounds for quick reference.

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