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Fire Team Whiskey® Top 10 Healthy (and delicious) Snacks

The danger to snacking in between meals is that is can make or break your day nutritionally. Grabbing that quick pastry and coffee or chips and soda set you up not only to consume empty calories but also create a blood sugar low that comes with carb loaded foods (which makes you feel hungry again just minutes after you ate!).

Here are some of the favorite FTW Cadre snacks that will not only satisfy your hunger but keep you off the carb crash/hungry again roller coaster.
#1:  Fire Team Whiskey® SpecOps™ Keto Java Joe Shake.  It tastes like a Coffee Frappe, doesn't require a blender and we are not mad at the coffee caffeine boost we get with this snack as well.   You may be thinking, "What is so special about a protein shake?"   Because it's not a protein shake! SpecOps™ Shakes are KETO shakes: based on the principle of using healthy fat as fuel. The reason behind this is simple: healthy fats are essential to health, they don't cause blood sugar spikes and drops like protein does, and it provides a feeling of being full much longer than protein shakes will. 
#2:  Fire Team Whiskey® FuelRation™ Bars. They are so delicious we have a hard time picking which flavor to choose! The Keto Chocolate chip tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough. The Peanut Butter is know how much we love peanut butter. And the triple chocolate is a chocoholoics DREAM!
#3:  Coffee. Surprised? Coffee has a ton of health benefits and happens to be a hunger suppressant. Having a coffee with some heavy cream and cinnamon is a great way to get some healthy fat to satisfy and stave off hunger and help you power through that afternoon slump.
#4: Nuts. Nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fat and protein and will give you a feeling of fullness without the carb crash.
#5: Apple slices with Nut Butters. This is a great snack if you are having a serious sweet craving. You get the sweetness from the fruit but paired with a healthy fat (an all natural sugar-free nut butter), you can keep the blood sugar spike to a minimum and reduce hunger.
#6: Hummus and veggies. Hummus is another great source of protein and fiber and comes in many different flavors and types, you would be hard-pressed not to find a flavor you love! Scoop it with celery sticks and carrots.
#7: Cheese and meat slices. Just think of this snack as a sandwich...sans bread. Get some deli mustard and dip away!
#8:  Guacamole. Avocado is an amazing healthy fat and who doesn't love guac!? Staying with the Mexican feel, scoop it with pepper slices!
#9:  Beef Jerky. Be careful on this one, as not all beef jerkies are created equal. Lots of beef jerky is packed with sugars and preservatives. We like to get ours at local farmers markets but if you are looking for a pretty good brand, Steve's Paleo Jerky is what we grab. It has no added sugar and they use a little bit of pineapple juice to cure the meat.
#10:  Edemame: It's high in protein and fiber and with some sea salt, is a great snack to satisfy a salty craving.


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