beginners fitness


#1:  Take a "beginners" version class or one on one session first if you have never done this type of exercise before. The most important thing that I am concerned about when starting someone on a fitness plan in my Program is SAFETY. I want to make sure that I am aware of any restrictions they may have and any prior injuries or medical issues. You need to show up a few minutes before the class or your session and just make sure the instructor is aware of these things. Ask them if they have any tips for you modifying any of the exercises because of your restrictions. 

#2: Get familiar with the class/exercise. If the exercises are something you have never done before, there is no shame in attending a class and just watching first. This will get you more comfortable with the setting, flow and other nuances of the type of class. Also, get help setting up equipment. Spin class is a great example of this. If your bike is not adjusted to your body, you can wreak havoc on your joints and potentially cause injury. Suprise!  A spin bike is not the same as just hopping on your beach cruiser! 

#3 For God's sake it's not a competition!  I will never forget when a client called me after her first new Bootcamp style group fitness class. She was in tears. She had pushed herself so hard in order to keep up with a lady next to her in class that she ended up almost passing out, and then dry heaving, and then crying of the embarrassment. I had to just shake my head and say "I told you so." People get competitive streaks in group fitness classes. They push themselves further than they maybe should because they don't want to look weak next to Ms. Perky Butt or Mr. Big Biceps. Pushing yourself is ok when you are ready for it, but I would highly suggest checking your ego at the door and taking at least the first week a little slow. The problem with going super hard on day one is twofold. First, you could injure yourself. You are just starting your fitness routine, your body may not be ready to be pushed that hard. Second, you are probably not going to be able to walk, lift your arms, or basically do anything for 2 days after going too hard. This is not healthy. Pushing your body so hard to that point will not make you fitter faster. It will just make you insanely sore, and not wanting to go back

#4: Modify!  Ask the trainer to show modifications for each move if it's a group fitness class. As a trainer, I am passionate about everyone, no matter what age, fitness level or medical issues, can do my workouts. I always show modifications for each move. Some trainers are not that vigilant, so remind them, or if they balk, then find another class. Go lighter on the weights for the first week or so and as you get fitter, start stepping it up 2-5 pounds every few weeks.  P.s. All of the Fire Team Whiskey Fitness Protocols show modifications for every single exercise! The .22 Caliber Fitness Program was designed to start someone on their fitness journey. As you complete each Caliber, you will Progress to the next one, gradually and safely taking your Fitness and Health to the next level. 


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