Fire Team Whiskey Is On A Mission

With 52% of the military and 74% of Veterans being overweight or obese, Fire Team Whiskey is providing the ammo to defeat military and first responder obesity. As our nation's obesity rates continue to climb, our Nation's heroes all also falling prey to this epidemic. Fire Team Whiskey aims to provide a targeted approach to resolving this threat to the safety and security of our nation. Providing military-style workouts that can be done anywhere, low carb ketogenic nutrition, convenient portable meal replacements and a cadre of military veteran fitness trainers and health coaches, Fire Team Whiskey is already changing the lives of our military and first responders. Fire Team Whiskey offers large group unit and individual programs for busy Military Members and First Responders who are on the go and don't have time to commute to a gym or do hours of meal prep. What is different about this Program is the Unit like comradere. Unlike box gyms who don't care whether you show up or not, Fire Team Whiskey approaches each participant as a member of their Unit. No man or woman is left behind. Each participant is pushed to their personal best and will be carried over that finish line by their squad members if need be. Already, Fire Team Whiskey has helped save the careers of several military service members who were at risk of being kicked out of the military because of their failure to meet the fitness and body fat standards. These Soldiers can continue to do what they love, to serve their Country thanks to the ammo provided to the Soldier by the Fire Team Whiskey Caliber Programs

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Why are FuelRation™bars different from other nutrition bars?

With a million meal replacement bars out there, how are FuelRation™ Bars different from other protien bars? They are different in three ways:

#1:  Fire Team Whiskey® FuelRation™ Bars are the ONLY bars on the market designed for Military Service Members by a Military Service Member.

#2:  Most supplement companies get a bar vendor and just smack their own label on it and call it theirs...even though hundreds of other companies are using THE SAME EXACT BAR. They only think that is different is the wrapper. Every single Fire Team Whiskey® FuelRation™ bar is made with a CUSTOM DESIGNED recipe that NO OTHER COMPANY HAS!

#3:  Each ingredient in each FuelRation Bar was specifically selected for quality, nutritional value and taste.  Unlike most bars out there, the FuelRation™ Bars are free of sugar, gluten, wheat, grain, hydrogenated oils, and soy. 

Another feature of the FuelRation™ Bars is that we have two types:

#1: A traditional Protien Bar that is low carb, high protien and low fat.

#2: A KETO bar which is super low carb, high fat and moderate protien. Keto is based on the principal of using healthy fats as fuel. The reason behind this is simple: healthy fats are essential to health, they don't cause blood sugar spikes and drops like protien does, and it provides a feeling of being full much longer than protien shakes will.  Long shift work, stressful situations that require optimal alertness and unpredictability of when a meal break can occur requires a long lasting, high quality source of fuel. 

© Fire Team Whiskey, LLC, 2018, All Rights Reserved

© Fire Team Whiskey, LLC, 2018, All Rights Reserved



Why are we calling this package the MRE™ Replacement Supply? If you are a current or former Military Service Member, you are very familiar with the DoD Meal, Ready-to-Eat™ (MRE™). The Department of Defense somehow concluded that this was the way a Warrior should be fueled.  We at Fire Team Whiskey® HIGHLY DISAGREE. The average calories in one MRE™ is 1,250.  The macronutrient balance average in one MRE™ is as follows: CARBOHYDRATES: 51%, PROTIEN: 13%, FAT: 36%. One MRE™ contains an average of 57 grams of sugar. According to DoD, they recommend that a Military Service Member consume three MRE™s per day in order to ensure proper caloric intake in the field. This equals to roughly 3,750 calories per day with over half of these calories being carbohydrates. The recommended daily calories for an average male is 2,500. For a female it’s 2,000. No matter how hard you are working in the field, you are not burning anywhere near the additional 1,250 to 1,750 calories. Also, if you eat 3 MRE™ meals in a day, you are consuming an average of 171 grams of sugar. With 4 calories per gram of sugar that equals 684 calories from sugar in a day. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 150 calories from sugar a day for men and no more than 100 calories from sugar per day for women. 


Let’s compare this to the Fire Team Whiskey® .22 Caliber Eating Plan. The .22 Caliber Eating Plan for a day includes 3 meals and 2 snacks (allowing for one FuelRation™ Bar and one SpecOps™ Shake to be one of those meals or snacks during the day). The average total calories on the .22 Caliber Eating Plan is 2,139.  The marconutrient percentages are as follows: FATS: 60%, PROTIEN: 25%, CARBOHYDRATES:  15%. This balance is called Ketosis, using fat as your body’s energy source.  Fat as fuel lasts longer, so you don’t have to constantly eat for energy and don’t have to eat very much at a time. Fat keeps you feeling energized because fat burns much more slowly than carbohydrates. Fat also provides a much more efficient fuel for brain functioning, providing improved focus, reaction time and processing time.  The .22 Caliber Eating plan also averages less than 25 grams of sugar per day, which actually meets the more stringent World Health Organization’s recommendation of no more than 25 grams of sugar per day.

Let’s replace the MRE™ with food that makes sense for a Warrior to be consuming. Food that provides long lasting energy, requiring less eating. Food that prevents blood sugar crashes and carbohydrate overindulgence inducing sleepiness. Let’s replace the need for Warriors to constantly consume energy drinks and sugar to get through a day. Let’s replace the food that reduces attentiveness, focus and causes fatigue with food that increases reaction time, attention and energy. Get a MRE™ Replacement Supply box and replace two meals or snacks a day for 30 days with our Warrior Fuel. Feel the difference for yourself! 


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