Smart Ways To Lose Weight Seamlessly

Weight loss is an exasperating and challenging journey. Most people strive to achieve the level of desired weight loss by applying unconventional treatments and medication. The weight loss industry grows on the insecurity of these people. They enlist results which are superficial and impossible to accomplish. People often follow their advice without the collection of any evidence and testimonials. On the contrary, there are concrete scientific studies focused on the weight-loss strategies which not only work but are also without any side effects. For example, a person can adopt a healthy habit of drinking fresh cold brew coffee instead of a chocolate latte or pumpkin mocha which are full of cream and fattening products. Weight loss journey is not easy and becomes even more complex if you try to commit for a longer period of time.

It is a critical factor here that you should concentrate on adding the habits which are smart instead of exerting efforts in the wrong direction. Trivial changes in your routine can have drastic effects on your overall health. For instance, adding water in your diet or avoiding rice and sugar. In this article, we will hold your hands to take you into the journey of weight loss which is easier to adopt and maintain.

1.      Water before Meals:

Water is like a potion for weight loss. It is often associated with burning fats and increasing the function of your metabolism. However, the timings of drinking water are imperative. Scientific studies have deduced that drinking water before meals can boost our metabolism by 30%. It is also claimed that drinking around half a liter of water an hour before the meals let you eat less during dinner or lunchtime. In this way, we are able to decrease the calories in our meals.

2.      Intermittent Fasting:

It is a common misconception that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With the advancement in the fields of nutrition, the dieticians and experienced professionals now recommend intermittent fasting as one of the ways to reduce your weight. It is a resourceful way to improve your metabolism, health and have an increased lifespan as well. As a result of this increasing trend, intermittent fasting in place of breakfast can have a positive impact on your body. It gives your digestive system time and space to utilize the extra fats and carbohydrates that are one of the reasons of heaviness in your body. There are a number of ways for intermittent fasting but the most effective way is dependent on an individual. It is best that you consult with your dietician for an appropriate plan.

3.      Drink Black Coffee:

Coffee with exceptional quality contains antioxidants which are beneficial for health. It also aids in the weight loss of the individuals. Recent studies conducted on coffee consumption has concluded that caffeine in one cup of black coffee contributes to 10 to 29% of the fat-burning process. Although you have to take a couple of precautions like drinking coffee with sugar and milk as they are all negative contributors in your quest of weight loss.

4.      Green Tea is the answer for Tea Lovers:

If you are not very much fond of coffee, make sure you have you replace your favorite cup of English tea with herbal green tea. It has proven drastically positive effects on the weight loss of individuals.  In a research conducted by the American Physiological Society concludes that green tea is a major contributor in releasing the fat from fat cells of our body and works to clean the liver from any fats creating hindrances in his process. Green tea also creates endurance for the exercise if you drink at least 4 to 5 cups of tea in a day.

5.      Reduce Sugar from Diet:

Sugar is like a slow poison for your body which has one of the worst effects on our body. Studies have concluded that people who consume sugar are at a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes which ultimately ruins your overall health. Added sugar is more dangerous to health so you should make sure to read labels of the products you buy in order to control your sugar consumption.

6.      Alteration in Diet by eating fewer Carbs:

Refined carbohydrates are present in foods like white bread and pasta containing grains and sugar which are stripped from nutritious parts and valuable fibers. These carbs rapidly increase your blood sugar and increase your cravings which leads to an unhealthy diet. They are also linked to obesity. Carbs are only beneficial when we eat them with their natural fiber.

7.      The habit of Portion Control:

Eating less and controlling the portions of your diet can have a significantly positive effect on your overall diet. The best idea is to switch your conventional breakfast with a protein shake or Greek yogurt. Some of the people have mentioned numerous benefits of maintaining a food diary like taking pictures of your food that might help you lose weight rapidly. It is a way of increasing awareness about your eating habits.

8.      Fruits and Vegetables:

Eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables is more important to maintaining a healthy diet for your body. Recent studies conducted by the food and nutrition department in America concludes that people who eat fruits and vegetables tend to have less weight than others. The high content of water and fiber makes the fruits and vegetables more filling. They are also considered to have a low energy density that is beneficial for weight loss. The best time to eat fruits in the afternoon. It is best to avoid sugar and replace them with fruits like mango, apricot, and apples if you have a sweet tooth.



The journey of weight loss is full of obstacles and can be overwhelming. The smartest way to be healthy and energized is to eliminate the fattening foods from your diet and slowly adopt an exercise regimen. Keeping track of your weight loss performance and getting adequate sleep will escalate the overall process. These habits not only benefit your weight loss routine but also keeps your products throughout the day.