Fitness On A Budget

Fitness does not require any equipment. So the excuse used by people of why they can't work out because they cannot afford a gym membership or expensive equipment is exactly what it is, yet another excuse we use to avoid doing what we should be doing to take care of our bodies.

Fire Team Whiskey prides itself in the fact that 50% of our workout videos require NO equipment. This is because oftentimes, military members are deployed to areas where access to fitness equipment is sparse, or nonexistent. Good old body-weight workouts require zero dollars and zero equipment to complete!

For those on a budget and looking for cheap equipment that is "worth" purchasing, we recommend the following:

#1: Fitness resistance bands. You can get these in several different weight resistance options ranging from 5 pounds to over 100 pounds! The lower weight bands are very inexpensive (averaging about $10-$15 dollars, I have seen them as cheap as $5 at a $5 store). What is great about these is that they are travel-friendly, so no matter where you are at, you can easily throw these in your purse or laptop case and have a great tool for a challenging resistance band workout. The Fire Team Whiskey .50 Caliber Fitness Program uses just body-weight and one resistance band.

#2: Fitness sliders. You can get these for as cheap as $5 and they make any workout much more challenging by requiring you to use your core to keep the sliders under your feet. These are great for those who have a base level of fitness by doing body-weight but are not yet ready for strength training. If you want a rock-solid middle section, get a pair of these and add them to any fitness routine. The Fire Team Whiskey Bridal Beast Program uses fitness sliders as it's main fitness equipment and again, very travel-friendly, I carry a set in my backpack everywhere I go.

Not sure what to do or where to start? At $8 a month, the Fire Team Whiskey Annual Membership is not only affordable, but gives you access to hundreds of fitness videos, so no matter what equipment you have on hand, or no equipment, we have fitness videos ready to pull up on your Fire Team Whiskey app and push play.