Why Military Style Fitness Programs Are Great For Civilians

We get asked all the time if our military fitness programs are ok for civilians. The resounding answer is YES! Why would a civilian want to participate in a military style fitness program? There are several reasons.

#1:  It’s hard to self-motivate. Military style workouts are high energy, quick moving and never boring. You don’t repeat the same moves over and over again, you usually are not standing in one place too long, and most of the time, there is an instructor loudly reminding you of why you are doing this and keeps you laser focused on your weight loss mission.

#2:  The military INVENTED physical conditioning, they know what they are doing! The military has been cardiovascular and strength conditioning their troops since humans began creating organized fighting groups (so basically thousands of years).  Military style workouts draw upon what has helped nations win wars for centuries. The military has perfected the fitness approach and are know for its elite forces fitness levels (Navy Seals, Seabees, Special Forces, PJs, Rangers, etc.)

#3: It patriotic!  When you do military style workouts, it quickly makes you appreciate what the military does every day to stay fit to fight for our Country!

#4: You can do them anywhere. Military fitness conditioning has to be mobile and troops have to be able to stay fit in any environment.  Most bootcamp style workouts can be done with no or very little equipment

#5: Its always going to challenge you! Military style workouts are not know for “taking it easy”. One major problem with people progressing with their fitness levels is that they get into a funk, so the same things, the same weight, the same pace and never push themselves further. We ae totally making this up, but we imagine the phrase “no pain, no gain” originated with the military.

#6: Lots of civilians have taken on the military style fitness and health program of Fire Team Whiskey and have gotten amazing results! Check out our results page here to see just some of the transformations and testimonials of our Fire Team Whiskey Members https://fireteamwhiskey.com/programresults

You can get these results too with Fire Team Whiskey. Enlist now at www.fireteamwhiskey.com. Civilians welcome, but remember, we will push you and hold you accountable just like we do for our military member participants. We have the same high standard of achievement for all of our Fire Team Members! Are you ready for the challenge? Enlist now!

Here is just one of our “civilian” Fire Team Whiskey Participants results!



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