Why are FuelRation™bars different from other nutrition bars?

With a million meal replacement bars out there, how are FuelRation™ Bars different from other protien bars? They are different in three ways:

#1:  Fire Team Whiskey® FuelRation™ Bars are the ONLY bars on the market designed for Military Service Members by a Military Service Member.

#2:  Most supplement companies get a bar vendor and just smack their own label on it and call it theirs...even though hundreds of other companies are using THE SAME EXACT BAR. They only think that is different is the wrapper. Every single Fire Team Whiskey® FuelRation™ bar is made with a CUSTOM DESIGNED recipe that NO OTHER COMPANY HAS!

#3:  Each ingredient in each FuelRation Bar was specifically selected for quality, nutritional value and taste.  Unlike most bars out there, the FuelRation™ Bars are free of sugar, gluten, wheat, grain, hydrogenated oils, and soy. 

Another feature of the FuelRation™ Bars is that we have two types:

#1: A traditional Protien Bar that is low carb, high protien and low fat.

#2: A KETO bar which is super low carb, high fat and moderate protien. Keto is based on the principal of using healthy fats as fuel. The reason behind this is simple: healthy fats are essential to health, they don't cause blood sugar spikes and drops like protien does, and it provides a feeling of being full much longer than protien shakes will.  Long shift work, stressful situations that require optimal alertness and unpredictability of when a meal break can occur requires a long lasting, high quality source of fuel. 

© Fire Team Whiskey, LLC, 2018, All Rights Reserved

© Fire Team Whiskey, LLC, 2018, All Rights Reserved