Pumpkin Spice Latte Shake

Fall is in the air and pumpkin spice everything is EVERYWHERE! The problem is, almost everything with pumpkin spice in it, has a ton of sugar and carbs in it. If you are a pumpkin spice latte lover, you are going to love this “spiced up” version of the Fire Team Whiskey SpecOps® Shake! Wave as you pass up the Starbucks run and make your own ZERO added SUGAR version at home or at work! This recipe does require a blender. We recommend the Ninja Blender (CPT Lincoln owns two, she has one at home and one at work).


One packet of Fire Team Whiskey SpecOps® Shake

1/2 Frozen or fresh ripe banana

2 TBS of pumpkin puree (make sure to get the canned pumpkin puree with no added sugar)

A dash or two of organic cinnamon (we promise you it’s way better than regular cinnamon)

1 TBS of raw pumpkin seeds


Place all the ingredients in the blender with 8-12 ounces of water. Add ice if you want to make it “milshakey” in texture. Blend. If you want to get fancy top off with a dash of cinnamon and a few pumpkin seeds. ENJOY!

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