Getting Fit with Fido: Exercising with your Dog

Have lots of excuses to not hit the gym but have a dog? You and your pup can get some exercise together! This isn’t just a “let them out in their yard to do their business and turn around and go inside”. Fire Team Whiskey Founder and CEO Stephanie Lincoln loves taking her dogs on the beach and while they chase a ball or a frisbee, she sprints away from the dogs, making them catch up to her after they retrieve. The rule is she cant stop running until both dogs catch up to her.

Another workout she does is to walk in the water against the tide up to her waist or chest while the dogs swim with beside her following the leader.

Just taking your dogs on a brisk leash walk or run over a bridge or over some hills is a way to get your heart rate up and theirs, so you both are healthier and fitter for it. Smaller dog can’t keep up? Push it in a doggie stroller for added resistance to your workout!

Check out this amazing video by Greyhounds As Pets that covers the benefits of dog ownership and some suggestions for additional exercises with them.

Video posted with permission by Greyhounds As Pets