The ammo you need to defeat the enemy of obesity!

We have been there. Ashamed of how we have "let ourselves go". Ashamed that we are not in "Army shape" anymore. Doing "everything right" and still gaining weight.  Have tried every diet but nothing has worked.

Fire Team Whiskey® Founder former Army Captain Stephanie Lincoln was in your shoes. Years of weight gain and loss, yo yo dieting and feeling like her best efforts never paid off. CPT Lincoln did the research, gained the specialized training and developed the most effective, permanent solution: the Fire Team Whiskey® Caliber Protocols.  CPT Lincoln created these Protocols to be the ammunition for Military Members, Veterans and First Responders who are struggling just like she did to find a permanent solution to their weight loss struggles.

The  Fire Team Whiskey® Caliber Programs are 30 day Programs that follow the latest research in optimizing health and fitness: LOW SUGAR, LOW CARB KETOGENICS, HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING, AND ACCOUNTABILITY/SUPPORT. Starting with the .22 Caliber Program, you are taken progressively through optimizing your fitness, nutrition and health. 

The .22 Caliber Health and Fitness Protocol includes everything you need to lose weight and improve your health and fitness for 30 days:  

  • Sixty (60) FuelRation™ Bars that provide two low carbohydrate, low sugar, meal replacements or healthy snack alternatives for each day of your Program. 
  • The .22 Caliber Field Manual: A guidebook containing the .22 Caliber Nutrition and Fitness Protocols. 
  • A 30-day High-Intensity Interval fitness plan that can be followed anywhere because it requires no equipment or need to travel to a gym!  FTW Fitness Trainers provide 30-minute workout videos that can be streamed from any internet connected device or downloaded and watched at any time!  
  • A USB dog tag flash drive with workout videos and Caliber Program documents (so you dont have to be connected to the internet to stay on plan).  
  • 30 days of virtual support and group coaching from our Fire Team Whiskey Cadre (Coaches). 
  • Exclusive access to a secret Facebook group with other .22 Caliber Program Participants and FTW Cadre for daily motivation and support. 
  • 30-day access to your exclusive .22 Caliber membership site, with fitness videos, recipes, health information, and exclusive membership bonus content. 
  • A Fire Team Whiskey® T-shirt
  • A Fire Team Whiskey® BlenderBottle™ or Water Bottle
  • And, if you successfully complete your 30 day .22 Caliber Program and submit your results, you will receive an exclusive .22 Caliber Program Finisher T-shirt. This T-shirt CANNOT BE BOUGHT and can only be earned by the hard work it takes to complete the .22 Cal Program.
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After successfully completing the .22 Caliber Program, you will be invited to continue your health and fitness gains with the next Caliber Programs: the .38, .50 and .70 Cal. Each progression in Caliber increases the level of nutritional refinement and fitness challenge.  Just as an increased caliber in a soldier's weapon inflicts increasing damage on an enemy, a higher FTW Caliber program zeroes-in more lethally on the enemy of obesity.

The 30 day Caliber Programs are only open to a limited number of Participants in order to ensure that you get the support and attention you need in order to be successful. When you Enlist in Fire Team Whiskey®, you become a part of our Fire Team. No one gets left behind.

Are you thinking since other diets have failed, that this won't work for you? We guarantee that if you follow the Protocol for 3o days and you do not see any results, we will refund the cost of your Program. This works because it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. You will be free from yo-yo dieting forever. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain: lose body fat, gain muscle, sleep better, increased energy, improved mood, better skin tone, improved medical health markers, etc.* 

enlist now and defeat the enemy of obesity!

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The .22 Caliber Program is currently not open for enrollment. To ensure our Program remains exclusive and effective, we only allow a certain number of enlistees at a time. Our next enrollment window will begin soon. We will offer those spots FIRST to those who sign up on our wait list (priority going to Military Members, veterans, first responders and their dependents). 

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