As a former Captain in the Florida Army National Guard, I know firsthand the fitness and body fat challenges you face with your Military Servicemembers (SMs). Bluntly, you and other Military Leaders nationwide need effective programs and lasting-solutions for SMs who:

  • Can’t meet military body fat and fitness standards
  • Are flagged for obesity-related medical issues
  • Become a liability during physically difficult training or military missions
  • Threaten your unit readiness.

I’m Stephanie Lincoln, my business is Fire Team Whiskey and our military health and fitness programs are the ammo you need to defeat the enemy that is military obesity.

In 2017, I created Fire Team Whiskey, a solution I wish I had when I was a Platoon Leader and body fat Officer in the 146th Signal Battalion. I felt powerless as an Officer to effectively motivate soldiers to change behavior in between drill. Two days a month, two weeks a year was insufficient to fix what was broken.

Fire Team Whiskey provides customized programs for the individual needs of military units. Our programs are uniquely effective, affordable, long-term solutions aimed at the fitness, nutritional, emotional and fighting requirements of military service members.

Your command may have tried other methods – gym memberships, fitness trackers, remedial training, and wellness education. Those methods likely have failed because of their undisciplined “one-size-fits-all” tactics. Our rigorous programs succeed because they provide a wrap-around approach that is sustainable – usable by anyone, anywhere on any schedule.

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Fire Team Whiskey currently works to improve the health and fitness of the FLARNG, and many soldiers in our program made significant, long-term improvements in physical readiness. We stand ready to deploy and mobilize for your unit as well. We offer customized Unit/Group solutions or a individual referral program for specific individuals in your Unit that need a permanent solution to their failure to meet standards.

If you want to refer 5 or more Military Members or First Responders to the Fire Team Whiskey® Program, please go to our Unit Group Program Page to learn more. 

Fire Team Whiskey® is ready to support Unit Leaders efforts to improve the health and fitness of their ranks. If you are a Unit Leader and you are wanting to refer your Military or First Responder Subordinates to our Program, we ready to help! Contact Fire Team Whiskey® and we will work with you to arrange the purchase of a Caliber Program Package(s) for the Unit Member in need of support or to provide a group/unit Program.  Start the referral now by completing the form below or call us at (904) 346-3270. We are honored to support Unit Leaders and we are dedicated to helping Military Service Members get fit to fight!

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