FTW Mobility WOD

FTW 5 min Mobility WOD

Purpose:  To build stability in several joints in the body to prevent injury and improve performance.


Benefit: Improves coordination, flexibility, posture, and helps to overcome injuries.



8 Movements

30 seconds work time.

5 seconds rest.


1.      Stationary Squat:  Feet shoulder width apart.  Keep back straight and lower until your legs make a 90* angle as best as you can.  Hold for 30 seconds. 

2.      Rest for 5 seconds.

3.      Tree Pose:  Place one leg on the opposite inner thigh or above knee.  Arms out or above head.  Advanced: Keep one leg straight and bend over keeping back straight and extending opposite leg behind you.  Form a “T” like position. Hold for 30 seconds.

4.      Rest for 5 seconds.

5.      Tree Pose opposite leg. Hold for 30 seconds.

6.      Rest for 5 seconds.

7.      Side Plank:  Go to the floor on one side.  One hand on floor and other hand on hips.  Place feet in ground or knees for modification. Hold for 30 seconds.

8.      Rest for 5 seconds.

9.      Side Plank: Opposite side. Hold for 30 seconds.

10.  Rest for 5 seconds.

11.  Hip Drive:  Place palms on floor fingers facing feet.  Heels on ground bent at 90*.  Drive hips up to the ceiling to form a chair like pose.  Hold for 30 seconds.

12.  Rest for 5 seconds.

13.  Frog:  Feet shoulder width apart and palms on floor.  Lean over to put pressure on hands to support your weight on your hands.  Try to lift your feet off the floor for 30 seconds.

14.  Rest for 5 seconds.

15.  Stationary Squat:  Same as #1.

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