As a part of the Battle Buddy Program, you get to choose your Trainer to work with you personally for the next 30 days of your Program. Increase your chances of accomplishing your goals by up to 90% by adding an accountability partner! Each FTW Cadre Member is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Military Veteran, First Responder or family member of one. They have been in your shoes and know how difficult it is for our Military and First Responder community to balance their demanding jobs and busy lives, all while trying to stay healthy and fit so they can perform best for their physically demanding jobs. Learn more about each FTW Trainer below.


Stephanie Lincoln is a former Army Captain. She is an AFFA Certified Personal Trainer and holds several group fitness certifications. Her personal style to fitness is mainly the use of high intensity intervals, for short, but efficient workouts. She loves burpees and detests leg day, but does it anyways. Her motto is “Fit to Fight” because although she may not wear the uniform anymore, she should still be in peak shape and be ready to respond to any situation. She also is an Eating Psychology Specialist and specializes in helping people with the hardest part of the weight loss journey, the mental barriers and self sabotage that we engage in that get in our way.