FuelRation Bars™ are the best tasting bars on the market!

The Fire Team Whiskey™ FuelRation Bars were created for Military Members and First Responders unique need for nutritious, long lasting, convenient and delicious meal replacements and healthy snacks. Not only are our bars better tasting than all of the best selling protein bars on the market, they blow those bars away in comparison of carb and sugar content. Some of those so-called protein bars out there have more sugar than a candy bar!  Our bars are guaranteed better tasting than your go-to protein bar. If you purchase our bars and don't like them, we will take back any unopened bars and refund your money.

FuelRation Bars™ help our Nation heroes. Does your protein bar do that? 

Fire Team Whiskey® donates a portion of our profits to Organizations that support our Nations Heroes!.png

Fire Team Whiskey® donates 25% of our net profits to Organizations that support our Military Members, Veterans and First Responders.  Not only will you be offering THE HEALTHIEST, BEST TASTING SUPPLEMENTAL BARS ON THE MARKET, but you are supporting our Nation's Heroes!

Stop choking down a dry, chalky, chemically processed, high carb bars!

Our bars taste better because unlike most of the best selling bars on the market, our bars are ACTUAL FOOD! They are baked in an oven. Not chemically glued together by machines and require you to have jaws of steel to chew them down to some semblance of a swallowable dry morsel. Our bars are moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside, like your favorite home baked cookies, but without the sugar load. 

try our bars today with our taste GUARANTEE! 

If you don't like them, we will take them back. You have nothing to lose and an amazing tasting, healthier bar to gain! 

These great companies recognize how amazing tasting and more nutritious the Fire Team Whiskey® FuelRation® Bars are and offer them to their customers and/or athletes! Join the movement of throwing out those dry. chalky, sugar packed bars and make the switch to a more delicious lower sugar bar!