In order for your FTW Cadre to help you best, he/she will need some information about where your fitness and health is right now, and what your goals and expectations are for your participation in the Fire Team Whiskey Program. Please complete this form before your first meeting with your FTW Cadre. 

Name *
Phone *
Are you a current or former member of the US Military or a military dependent? *
If you have served in the US Military, please check which branch(es) you have served in.
If you have been a First Responder, please indicate what type of First Responder you have served as.
Round up if you are 1/2 or 3/4 inch above the number, round down if you are 1/4 above the number. For example: I am 5ft 3 and a half inches, so I would report my height as 5ft 4inches.
If you indicate "YES", an FTW Cadre Member will call you to discuss these limitations and help determine if our Program can be modified to fit your medical limitations.
This information will help us help you with your health and fitness goals. Your FTW Cadre will review this information and help you tailor your Program so you can get the most out of your Fire Team Enlistment. Welcome to the Fire Team! We can't wait to see you smash your health and fitness goals!