Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fire Team Whiskey Fitness Content Provider and/or Trainer. Along with completing the form below, please provide the following in an email sent to

CERTIFIED TRAINERS: A 3 - 5 minute video of you demonstrating an exercise to the viewer. In the video, introduce yourself, state what exercise you will be demonstrating, demonstrate the move giving the proper instruction and breakdown of the exercise and form, provide a demonstration and break down of a modification for that same exercise then give closing remarks.

NON-CERTIFIED FITNESS INFLUENCERS: A 3 - 5 minute video of you completing 3 exercises. Pretend you are working out with someone and address the camera as if you are speaking to someone working out along side you. Encourage them, explain why you like this exercise, what you feel this helps you with, etc. Because you are not a Certified Trainer, please avoid making statements about anatomy and form. Make sure to introduce yourself and state your military/first responder affiliation.

Please send us the entire video clip as an attachment or a link to the video so that we can view it.

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What agency is your Personal Training Certification with?
Tell us what style of fitness you specialize in or like to teach! Yoga, crossfit, boxing, body weight HIIT, body building etc.
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