The Cold War era Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is on it’s way out. It is being replaced by the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). The reasons are clear, for the last 17 years, our Military has been engaged in a war unlike any war it has ever experienced. The new six event ACFT was developed to better predict a Soldier’s readiness for the demands of our modern day battlefield. Each event was designed to mimic a movement commonly found in combat. The new ACFT will increase the physical readiness of our Soldiers for the combat physicality demanded of them by this modern battlefield.


The ACFT is MUCH harder than the APFT. If you believe you can “just wing it” or wait until a couple of weeks before the ACFT to start training for it, you are sadly delusional. The Fire Team Whiskey Cadre are here to get you ready. START TRAINING NOW. Your continued service in the military, your life or your buddy’s life depend on it. Fire Team Whiskey Cadre Stephanie Lincoln (former Army Captain) and Cory Sanden (former Army Sergeant) put together 5 short videos to show you the new events in the ACFT and how you can start training for them at home NOW. We are calling this our ACFT Prep Mini Course. Stay tuned for a full 30 day at home fitness program that will take you from a NO GO to a GO in 30 days. Fit to Fight!