CONGRATULATIONS on successfully completing the .22 Caliber Protocol and taking the fight to the next level! You have been invited to join the elite .38 CALIBER Program. This opportunity is not offered to everyone! You have proven to the FTW Cadre that you are dedicated to your health and fitness Mission. You took the .22 Caliber program seriously, you participated, you pushed yourself and you showed us that you mean business and you are committed to your health and fitness goals.

The theme for the .38 CAL Protocol is "VIRES INTRINSECUS" which means "STRENGTH FROM WITHIN". You learned during the .22 Caliber Program that most of the battle against the enemy of obesity does not rely on how fit or muscular you are, it's the battle within that you engage in everyday to make your health and fitness a PRIORITY. Keep progressing! SEMPER PARATUS! 

Just like the .22 CAL Program, the Fire Team Whiskey® .38 Caliber Program is a 30 day Program that follow the latest research in optimizing health and fitness: LOW SUGAR, LOW CARB KETOGENICS, HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING, AND ACCOUNTABILITY/SUPPORT. With the .38 Caliber you will be stepped up to the next level of nutrition and fitness, with harder, more complex workouts and a more refined, ketogenic nutrition plan. 

The .38 Caliber Health and Fitness Protocol includes everything you need to lose weight and improve your health and fitness for 30 days: 

  • Sixty (60) Meal Replacement Bars: 2 convenient, delicious, on-the go meals for each day of your program that will keep your nutrition on track. ($158 Value!)
  • The .38 Caliber Field Manual: Step by step explanation for your nutrition and fitness plans to make the Program easy to fit into your life. 
  • A 30-days of High-Intensity Interval Workouts: Workouts you can do anywhere, in 30 minutes, no equipment required and get in the best shape of your life! ($50 Value!)
  • Virtual support and coaching: Weekly coaching and live workout sessions with Certified Personal Trainer Health Coaches for motivation, support and to get your questions answered by a health and fitness professional. ($150 Value!)
  • Group daily motivation and support: Your support team who push you to achieve your health and fitness goals! 
  • Access to an exclusive .38 Caliber membership site.  Fitness videos, nutrition plans, warrior wellness, education, recipes, bonus workouts and new content added every week to keep you progressing. ($10 value!)
  • BONUS: The newest Fire Team Whiskey T-shirt: Show off your status as "Fit to Fight" in the new FTW T-shirt! ($20 Value)
  • BONUS: An exclusive .38 Caliber Program Finisher T-shirt if you successfully complete the Program. (PRICELESS!)

Total package value $422! Special offer before Sept 1, 2018 is $189!




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.38 CAL Fitness and Health Protocol $189

Includes everything listed above. 

Total package value $422! Special offer before Sept 1, 2018 is $189!

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.38 CAL KETO ARMY $229 

With this package, you will receive the .38 CAL Fitness and Health Protocol Package above but, instead of the 60 Protein FuelRation™ Bars, you will receive 30 Keto FuelRation Bars™, 30 Keto MCT SpecOps™ Shakes, a Fire Team Whiskey BlenderBottle™ and an official FTW Keto Army Unit Patch. 

Total package value $497! Special offer before Sept 1, 2018 is $229!

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.38 CAL Fitness and Health Protocol with 1-on-1 Coaching $348

1 on 1 coaching support is available as an add on to the .38 Caliber Package. You will have a FTW Cadre who is a health coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Military Veteran work with you via phone, text, email and/or video call every day of your 30 day program. You will also receive a USB Dog Tag loaded with all of your Program documents and videos and smart scale that will help you track your progress. You have access to your FTW Cadre for 30 whole days, plus everything included in the .38 Caliber Protocol Program above. 

 Total Package value $617! Special offer before Sept 1, 2018 is $348!

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With this package, you will receive the .38 CAL Fitness and Health Protocol Package above but, instead of the 60 Protein FuelRation™ Bars, you will receive 30 Keto FuelRation Bars™ , 30 Keto MCT SpecOps™ Shakes, a Fire Team Whiskey BlenderBottle™and the official FTW Keto Army Unit Patch. You will also receive the 1-on-1 Coaching package with smart scale, USB dog tag drive and access to your personal health and fitness coach for the 30 days of your program. 

Total Package Value $724! Special offer before Sept 1, 2018 is $388!

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.38 CAL Program Membership Access ONLY $9.95 

The .38 Caliber Program materials, eating plans, fitness videos, wellness videos, recipes and weekly bonus content are all available with a monthly membership subscription. This is membership site materials/media access only and DOES NOT include, MealRation Bars or Shakes, Health Coaching, t-shirt, and bonuses that the above packages come with.

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Have qustions about the Caliber Packages? Shoot us an email or call 904-346-3270.  After you Enlist in your .38 Caliber Program, we will email you a link to choose the flavors of your FuelRation Bars™. We will also ask your current t-shirt size. Be on the lookout for that email and add to your contact list!

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