Watch the transformational journey of Army Spouse Keely Sanden and former Army SGT Cory Sanden.
The thing that makes this different from the other programs I’ve tried is that it is a complete system: exercise, a REALISTIC diet plan, food replacements, and most importantly support and follow up with real people.
— Hahn, LT, Navy
In my high OPTEMPO life, it saved me a lot of time to have a deliberately constructed fitness plan, such as the Fire Team Whiskey WODs. The exercises changed each day and kept the workouts challenging.
The social media aspect of Fire Team Whiskey gave me an outlet for motivation and support. Having fellow military personnel, Veterans and first responders who can relate to the challenges of our career field was a big help.
— Robert Eads, SFC, FLANG


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Jeff B Combat Medic Vermont Army National Guard.png
I’ve never done a program so simplified and yet had tremendous results!
— Cory Sanden, Army Veteran
I finally found a program I can stick with for life! Ive never felt better about myself and about my future
— Nicole Saint Paul
I’m no where near finished, but I’m happy I can see so many changes in the before and after photo! I took a diagnositc PT test at the end of the .22 Cal Program and I passed!
— Jeff B, Combat Medic, VTARNG
Carlos Moore 41 Years Old30 DaysLost 18.5 pounds.png
The Program WORKS!
Staff is easy to work with, very motivated and motivating. My results were surprising, lost inches all over.
— Carlos M., Army veteran
SSG Amber Dawn Lind Army Medic38 Years Old30 DaysLost 10.4 pounds.png
It changes you by changing the way you view yourself and how you respond to outside influences. Anyone can complete it and make a positive change. I have found something I can not only stick to but enjoy and look forward to.....It is so simple and easy; it is ingenious.”
— Amber Dawn Lind, SSG, Army Medic
SFC Michael JoinerFlorida Army National Guard46 Years Old30 DaysLost 19 pounds.png
I found there was a surprising amount of options - even eating out - as long as I paid attention to the fine details.
A friend hugged me at the end of the 30 days and was amazed that she could clasp her hands behind my back. Before the .22 Caliber program, she couldn’t even touch her fingertips!
— Michael Joiner, SFC, FLARNG
The programs they offer are an excellent way to get yourself in a healthier lifestyle. Both physically and mentally, I saw transformation in 2 weeks and feel so much stronger and healthier from the program. Once you are fully committed and work the program you will see results. I was skeptical at first but then I really started seeing the improvements. Definitely a program that WORKS!
— George Simcox, SFC, FLARNG

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