Fire Team Whiskey Boxing Cardio WOD

Fire Team Whiskey Boxing Cardio WOD

Purpose:  To employ a safe and fun stress relieving cardio workout. 

Benefits:  Burn a sufficient number of calories and relieve stress.  Can be used with or without punching bag and modified to fit any fitness level. 

Equipment: Hand wraps, boxing gloves and heavy bag


1.       Warm-up 3-5 minutes

2.      Round #1.  Jab the punching bag 10 times as fast as you can.  Use light dumbbells if no bag is available.

3.      Perform a burpee.  Modified version can be stationary squat.

4.      Repeat this cycle 10 times.

5.      Rest 30 seconds.

6.      Round #2.  Repeat just like round #1.

7.      Rest 30 seconds.

8.      Round #3 same as round #1 and #2.

9.      Complete 3-4 rounds based on fitness level and time available.

10.  Cooldown 2-3 minutes.

Tips:  Keep knees bent during jabs and hands up by chin.  Stance should be staggered.