FTW Sandbag WOD

Purpose:  Execute a safe resistance workout using a weighted sandbag.  Instruct on how to use total body movements and sets and reps for an example WOD. Perform 1-3 times a week.

Benefits:  Improve balance, coordination and core stability to become a better athlete.  Able to use this type of WOD for traveling, at home and in the office.  Safe method of training even working out independently. 

Equipment: Fitness Sandbag

Key points:

Warm-up 3-5 minutes.                                                                                

Rounds: 3-5            

Reps: 20-25                                                                       

Rest for rounds: 90 sec

Rest between movements: 30-60 seconds based on fitness level.      Cooldown: 2-3 minutes


1.      Forward Lunge:  Hold sandbag on front of you at chest level.  (Advanced above head) Take a step forward and keep back straight.  Bend forward knee until 90 degrees and then press back to return position by driving heel into the ground of the forward leg.  Repeat with opposite leg for 20-25 reps per leg.

2.      Rest 30-60 seconds.

3.      Side Lunge/Bicep Curl:  Hold sandbag out in front with arms straight down.  Side step to one side and bend knee to 90 degrees.  Return to starting position by driving heel into the ground with the leg that is bent.  Repeat with opposite leg and then curl the sandbag up to chest and return downward.  That is one repetition.  Complete 20-25 reps.

4.      Rest 30-60 seconds.

5.      Single straight leg deadlift/Row:  Hold sandbag in front of you with arms straight down.  Keep one leg straight and back straight as you bend over slowly and extend the opposite leg behind you keep that leg straight.  Pause at the bottom and pull the sandbag to your chest and squeeze your upper back.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Perform 20-25 reps.

6.      Rest 30-60 seconds.

7.      Squat/Push press:  Hold sandbag in front of you at chest level close to your body.  Feet shoulder with apart and bend your knees and your back straight to lower down to 90 degrees of the knee joint.  Press up through your heels to starting position and then extend arms above your head and return to chest again.  (advanced don’t pause after squat is performed) Perform 20-25 repetitions. 

8.      Cooldown: 2-3 minutes.