The ammo you need to fight fat!

Fire Team Whiskey is the first and only health and fitness program created by and for military members, veterans and first responders

The guaranteed Way to Keep Your New Year’s weight loss Resolution

Do your New Year’s resolutions tend to fade as spring approaches despite your best intentions? Do your goals seem unachievable? Have you failed in the past to stick to a Program? Are you embarrassed at how you look in your uniform? Has your military or first responder career been affected by your inability to stay in shape or improve your health?

we have the solution!

90% of people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. “Going it alone” is the number one reason that people don’t stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Financial burden, time management, unrealistic expectations and no plan are other reasons that the top of the list of excuses.

We know how it feels to be tired at the end of the day and have to figure out how to fit in a workout. We understand the doubt and hesitation at spending money each month on a gym membership you never use because you don’t have the time, motivation or a workout partner. Or perhaps you don’t know where to start or how to change your current fitness routine to reach your goals.

Fire Team Whiskey founder and former Army Captain Stephanie Lincoln was in your shoes. Stephanie felt like you, frustrated and clueless on how to get a permanent solution to her weight struggles. Her struggles being on the “diet roller coaster” was frustrating. Despite endless hours running and “eating right”, this massive effort only resulted in temporary improvements. She did the research and testing and found a permanent solution. She created the Fire Team Whiskey Fitness and Health Protocols. It changed her life and the lives of the pilot participants so dramatically, that she had to share her Program with everyone.

The Fire Team Whiskey Program is based on the latest science on the fastest, most effective and permanent way to lose weight, and improve health and fitness. The FTW Program was created with the military concept of a Fire Team in mind. Just like a military Fire Team, when you join us, you are joining a team of people who are experts in their field and you will work together to accomplish your mission. No longer will you have to work out alone, or waste your money on gym memberships and expensive trainers. No more confusion about how to reach your desired level of health and fitness. The new FTW program allows you to work out anytime, anywhere and comes complete with a battle buddy (a personal trainer who is a current or former military member or first responder) to help you achieve your fitness goals, PLUS it’s affordable, convenient and is customized to your fitness needs, whether you are just starting or want to amp up your efforts. The program includes:

  • Hundreds of workout videos you can do from anywhere, anytime, in 30 minutes or less!

  • Already made for you 30 day workout plans for any fitness level.

  • Every style of training available, body weight, strength, cross fit, body building, cardio, high intensity intervals, yoga, kettlebells, etc. New videos are added every week, so the content is fresh and you never get bored!

  • A personal trainer who is a current or former military member or first responder assigned to you to help customize your fitness and nutrition plan, track your progress and keep you accountable to your goals.

  • Customizable nutrition plans that fit any lifestyle and taste, grocery lists and easy recipe videos.

  • Health education videos on topics that will help educate you on how to best optimize your health and fitness and motivate you to keep progressing.

  • Social interaction with people just like you doing the Fire Team Whiskey Programs and encouraging each other along the way. Fun weekly prize challenges to push you to do your best.

  • You are never in it alone. Chat live with a Trainer to ask questions, get support and encouragement.

  • You have time! Pull up your member site and push play, anywhere, anytime. 50% of the Fire Team Whiskey fitness videos require zero equipment and 30 minutes or less!

  • You can afford it! The Fire Team Whiskey Programs start as little as $9.95 a month!

  • If you try the Fire Team Whiskey Program for 30 days and see no improvements in your health, fitness and wellness, we will refund your money! You have nothing to lose except body fat!

Studies show that having a coach increases the chance you will reach your goals by up to 90%. Having a plan, process or system also increases your chances of success. Join Fire Team Whiskey NOW to make sure that you have the accountability, a systematized plan, access to experts, convenience and affordability you need to make your New Year’s Resolution a reality. 

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