The Cold War era Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is on it’s way out. It is being replaced by the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). The reasons are clear, for the last 17 years, our Military has been engaged in a war unlike any war it has ever experienced. The new six event ACFT was developed to better predict a Soldier’s readiness for the demands of our modern day battlefield. Each event was designed to mimic a movement commonly found in combat. The new ACFT will increase the physical readiness of our Soldiers for the combat physicality demanded of them by this modern battlefield.


The ACFT is MUCH harder than the APFT. If you believe you can “just wing it” or wait until a couple of weeks before the ACFT to start training for it, you are sadly delusional. The Fire Team Whiskey Cadre are here to get you ready. START TRAINING NOW. Your continued service in the military, your life or your buddy’s life depend on it. Fire Team Whiskey Cadre Stephanie Lincoln (former Army Captain) put together a 30 day program that will take you from a NOGO to a GO in 30 days. This program not only gets you stronger in everything you need to be strong at in order to pass the ACFT, but it provides you the nutritional interventions you need to build muscle, burn fat and fuel your body like a Warrior. Get ARMY STRONG in 30 days with this Program.

acft prep 30 day course

The Fire Team Whiskey 30 Day ACFT Prep Course is designed to get you from a NOGO to a GO in each event on the ACFT in 30 days. The ACFT Prep Course includes the following:

  • 15 different fitness videos featuring workouts that focus on developing you in the areas you need to be strong in for each ACFT event.

  • A 30 day fitness calendar to follow in order to maximize your results.

  • A simple nutrition plan to burn body fat, build muscle and optimize your energy and health while getting fitter.

  • Weekly group coaching calls with a Certified Trainer and access to a trainer anytime during your 30 day program to ask questions, be held accountable and to stay motivated.

  • Weekly prize challenges to provide incentives and motivation to improve your healthy behaviors.

The 30 Day ACFT Prep Course is included as a part of the Fire Team Whiskey Membership Packages.

get a battle buddy


Having an accountability Partner greatly increases your chances of achieving your health and fitness goals. You can have your own Virtual Personal trainer work with you every single day of your ACFT Program to hold you accountable, encourage you, help you customize your program and achieve those results!


As we know, the ACFT requires quite a bit of equipment. The ACFT prep 30 day course shows you how to best train at home or at a gym using equipment commonly found. You will most likely need to purchase a couple pieces of equipment if you do not have a well equipped gym or you are doing workouts at a home gym. Here is the equipment used in the FTW ACFT Prep Workout Videos that you can purchase if you are in need of additional equipment.