.22 Caliber Fitness Protocol

The Fire Team Whiskey® .22 Caliber Fitness Protocol is designed to be a first step on the journey to optimal fitness. The .22 Caliber Fire Team Whiskey® Fitness Protocol focuses on exercises you can do anywhere and anytime. No equipment is needed, so no excuses...get it done! The Fitness Protocol is based on the high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout approach. The exercises are done in short duration with short breaks but performed at maximum effort. It is critical to work as hard as you can during the exercise timeframe. Taking longer breaks, or only working at minimum effort will not get you the results you want. The benefit of high-intensity intervals is that they are short, so you can work extremely hard for that short amount of time without the need for “conservation of energy” that longer endurance exercise requires. Each Caliber Fitness Protocol is designed for a 30-day duration, at which point, you will either graduate to the next Caliber or continue with the current plan until Caliber goals are met.


.22 Caliber Fitness Protocol Standard Operating Procedure


The next section of this site contains the .22 Caliber Fitness Videos. The warmup and cooldown exercises are to be completed before and after you complete the workout-of-the-day (WOD) exercises. You may complete your own warmup and cooldown exercise stretching routine if you prefer. The exercises are split into three categories: cardio, core, and strength. Each WOD comprises of three cardio, three cores, and three strength exercises. Each video provides guidelines for proper form, time interval and reps, and recommendations for modifications and progressions. Exercise within your individual fitness and medical limitations. If you have a question about a modification or substitution for any of the exercises, please contact the Fire Team Whiskey Cadre. They can help.  

The warmup is one minute and 30 seconds in duration. There are three warmup and cooldown exercises; each is suggested to be 30 seconds in duration. If this is not long enough, you may extend your warmup for as long as you need for you to feel warm enough to begin your high-intensity interval training. The same guidance goes for the cooldown period. You may extend it for as long as you feel necessary to have stretched enough and reduced your heart rate down enough for recovery.

Each exercise is completed at 20-second work/10 second rest intervals for 6 rounds (totaling 3 minutes per exercise). Each WOD has 9 exercises. Total exercise time is 27 minutes. The .22 Caliber WOD a 30-minute total workout (27 minutes of exercise with 3 minutes of warm up and cool down). 

Below is a 30-day calendar with the .22 Caliber WOD for each day and intermittent rest days (R&R). This calendar is a guidance. We suggest that if you do not follow the calendar, that you complete three cardio and three strength workouts for at least 30 minutes in duration a week at a minimum.





.22 CAL Fitness Protocol Warm Up

.22 CAL Fitness Protocol Exercise Demonstrations

.22 CAL Fitness Protocol Cool Down

DAY 1, 11, 19, 26

WOD Exercises 1-9

(40 Minutes and 11 seconds)

DAY 2, 18, 25

WOD Excersizes 10-18

(37 minutes and 9 seconds)

DAY 3, 17, 27

WOD Exercises 19-27

(35 minutes and 33 seconds)

DAY 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28

.22 Caliber R&R Stretch

(19 minutes and 7 seconds)

R&R Chair Stretch

 (12 minutes and 38 seconds)


WOD Exercises 10-12, 4-6, 25-27 

(34 minutes)


WOD Exercises 1-3, 13-15, 16-18

(38 minutes and 11 seconds)


WOD Excersizes 19-21, 22-24, 7-9

(31 minutes and 48 seconds)


WOD Exercises 1-3, 25-27, 16-18

(35 minutes and 7 seconds)

DAY 10

WOD Exercises 10-12, 19-21, 4-6

(34 minutes and 16 seconds)

DAY 13

WOD Exercises 19-21, 22-24, 13-15

(36 minutes and 29 seconds)

DAY 14

WOD Exercises 7-9, 22-24, 16-18

(35 minutes and 18 seconds)


DAY 15

WOD Exercises 10-12, 25-27, 13-15

(34 minutes and 35 seconds)

DAY 21

WOD Exercises 25-27, 16-18, 7-9

(33 minutes and 40 seconds)

DAY 22

WOD Exercises 1-3, 13-15, 22-24

(33 minutes and 43 seconds)

DAY 23

WOD Exercises 19-21, 10-12, 4-6

(34min and 38 seconds)

DAY 29

WOD Exercises 10-12, 4-6, 25-27

(34 Minutes)

DAY 30

WOD Exercises 1-3, 19-21, 16-18

(35 Minutes)


CPT Lincoln shows you how to amp up your .22 CAL WODs and get faster, higher, stronger!

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